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Meeting the Curvaceous Absolute Condos

There is no doubt that you’ve seen these beautiful towers as you drive on the highway in the GTA. It was about time that I met the curvaceous Absolute Towers in Mississauga for the purpose of exploring them photographically.

Back in 2012, these towers were considered the world’s best new skyscrapers. The closer I got to them, the more I was attracted. The nickname of the “Marilyn Monroe” towers totally made sense.

I took a fair amount of photographs as I circled the towers and I decided to explore some different post-processing of the images that I would later give away for free download on Unsplash:

Architectural photo of Absolute Tower in Mississauga


Free architectural photo of an Absolute Tower


High-resolution photo of the absolute tower in Mississauga by Scott Webb Photography


abstract Absolute Condo image by scott webb photography


high-res image of the curvaceous absolute tower

Typically for my architectural photography work, I want to create a cohesive look when processed. I plan to do this with these Absolute Tower images and put up a new page within my work area.

You can see a few more over on my Unsplash Profile and continue to download if you want.

If you use any photos, let me know because I’m always interested to see how they’re used.

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