London Ontario Photographer

ABOUT SCOTT, A London Ontario Photographer

A Graduate of Architecture School at Ryerson University

Instead of being an architect, I use my architectural school background as a photographer for architects. I noticed that London Ontario architecture was getting a raw deal from existing photography that I could find (if I could even find any for some buildings). I didn’t understand this and I said enough. We need to show buildings and spaces in a way that attracts even more amazing people to London.

Trying to help move London forward, I help raise the bar of the photography of architecture and the city. I work with top architectural studios in London, but I also give away images of London for anyone to download and use for anything such as blogging, websites, social media, print. The quality of London imagery is definitely going up and the reach of these images is global as well.

London Ontario Photographers Everywhere

If you search for London Ontario Photographers, you get an almost endless result. It really is true, everyone is a photographer now. I’ve gotten lost trying to differentiate any of them from one and another when in need of one myself. Most photographers you run into are going to be generalists. This means they do all forms of photography. Which, isn’t necessarily a good thing to me.

I just couldn’t do that. I know I’m different. I hope you see that in the way I’ve created my website alone. As well, I’m a Ryerson Architecture School graduate and I know the architecture niche. It’s so natural and comes out in my photography.

With my drive to further distance myself from all the other London Ontario Photographers, I took to the chopping block.


  • At 2 or 3 years of age, I got my first ticket due to standing up while riding shotgun in the car with my Dad.
  • I love pineapples. So much so, I started a side project in 2015 called Pineapple Supply Co. The project is aimed at spreading good vibes.
  • I believe in supporting local business! I can’t get enough of Grow & Bloom Co. and Illbury & Goose here in London, Ontario.
  • Big fan of having plants around me – around the home and office.

Photographer Scott Webb at work photographing interior
Photo courtesy of Matter Architectural Studio Inc.
Scott Webb, London Ontario Photographer working inside The Factory London - 100 Kellogg
Behind the Scene photo courtesy of Matter Architectural Studio Inc.