Pineapples Project Update

If you read my now page, you’ll know that my focus has been on my free pineapple photography project. I was still looking for work as an architectural photographer too. But, I wanted to share a quick update because I’ve been blown away by the support from the community for this pineapples project.

First, I am happy to say that I’ve been consistently shooting more and more photography. Shooting pineapples’ been a gateway back into simply exploring my creativity in general; however, other people are benefitting from my work in the form of downloadable free photos.

Through tracking metrics, I can actually see the impact of and photography. Tracking everything from likes to views, to downloads across websites and social media accounts. The spreadsheets are fascinating 😉

pineapples update in 2015

If you’re interested in seeing the unbelievable stats after 6 months time, check out: Pineapples in 2015.

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