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Real Estate Photography in Old South London: Spence Residence

This article was originally posted July 29, 2010.

Tomorrow I’m going to share some feedback from Guy Spence, the [now previous] owner of this unique residence in Old South, London Ontario. I am certain tomorrows information, related to using a real estate photographer, is something every homeowner and realtor should know.


Guy and Reeka Spence were referred to me by a London, Ontario realtor – Kate White. I’d like to thank her so much because it provided a great opportunity to help them out with the sale of their home – privately. Guy told me that he wanted the images for two reasons:

  1. For the listing and to sell the home (better return on investment)
  2. For when looking back at the home (capture where so many memories too root)

This fit in with my vision when shooting real estate to a tee.  The connection between myself and photography is such that I look to bring that nostalgic feeling out and allow positive memories to flood to the surface of the mind. When you think about certain places, you have this vision in your head and it forms that nostalgic image.  I set out to capture that emotion/experience of their home.

I set out to capture that emotion/experience of space as a real estate photographer.  By approaching the entire experience this way, clients are able to feel and connect the image with the minds-eye.  It was great to know that we were on the same page.

Due to when Guy planned to sell the home, I needed to make 2 visits.  He was going to put the house on the market in January but the exterior would be pretty rough to shoot with snow. I came out to grab a shot of the exterior in the fall and went back in December to get the interior.  It worked out well!  This was when I started to realize how much more I loved doing this work as a photographer instead of sitting in a cubicle.


Real Estate Photography - Spence Residence Kitchen by Scott Webb

Real Estate Photography by Scott Webb

Being “new” to the game, I was really pumped to see their listing live on Property Guys.  Of course, since the home is sold, the listing is no longer available.  An awesome thing to note, in my eyes, is when you’re doing an actual search.  The property stood out right away.

Real Estate Listing for 73 Langarth in Old South

Subtle Differences in my Real Estate Photography

There are subtle differences in my real estate photography that helps it stand out – in my eyes.  And I don’t believe it looks out of place either. Some people get super scared and grumpy when thinking about HDR real estate photography; however, it’s pretty much become the norm. I’m really looking to get more clients and changing how we approach photography for real estate in London Ontario and beyond.  Even from the simple screen shot that is cut off, you can see that the other images are not level, homes are falling forward or leaning back.  The exterior I shot was on a day that the sky started going gray and I wish the blue had been in there.  I could have photoshopped the sky in, but it was far too unnatural.

Buying a home is one of the most important purchases in your life.  Selling is going to be huge as well.  I’d love to hook up with a forward thinking realtors and homeowners.

Stay tuned for some feedback from Guy Spence on my photography!

You can find more images from this listing in my real estate photography portfolio, here.

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