Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography
comes to an end here

Scott Webb no longer helps local realtors invest in high-quality real estate photography. 

With people searching the internet first,  Scott’s photography will help homes to gain more attention and exposure on MLS, in your social networks, print materials, and website. If you’re listing the property on a site like Kijiji, it is guaranteed to stand out.

Interior Photography of Kitchen Design in Lucan


As noted above, I decided to say good bye to shooting real estate photography and other forms of photography to put a full focus on my architectural photography

I didn’t find that I was a good fit with realtors and the overall value I would provide in the end. When working with agents to help sell homes, the usage of the photography I shot was very limited and had a short life. The difference as an architectural photographer was immense.

Architecture photography offers my clients much higher value and pays for itself for years and year and years. Being an architecture school graduate from Ryerson turned photographer, I bring other benefits for architects, designers, contractors and others. My clients trust my eye with photographing buildings while I found myself micro managed in real estate photography. 

The side & below photos may appear to be a home kitchen and for real estate; however, they were shot for an interior designer to help her with her kitchen reno design look great in her portfolio for many years. 

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See my specific architecture photography of which clients are leveraging to positively improve their business.

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