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Well, I’m Fired. The Perfect Way to End 2016

Wait. Isn’t Scott Webb Photography…you?

That’s right. And, I’ve decided to fire myself as the perfect way to end 2016. I believe my clients and the Southwestern Ontario architectural firms deserve even better photography for their built and in-progress projects, an improved process for collaboration, and greater business value.

A–Z Photography Service

In 2015, Scott Webb Photography was an ‘A–Z photography service.’ As a photographer, I was simply hoping to get any work that came my way. I was sales-driven, you could say. 

I offered wedding photography, engagement photography, architectural photography, and real estate photography. In the past, I’ve even tried child portraits and babies. With all the potential of work through the various services, I struggled more than ever. 

I had no idea what to write about or what to post to my Facebook page. I tried to set up ‘Mini Sessions’ twice and I didn’t secure a single person or family. 

With the above on my mind, I had to sit down and fire myself as this photographer. It was clear that I’m not an ‘A–Z photographer’ and I needed to break free from trying to show that I was good at all kinds of different photography. I wasn’t going to move to the next level staying where I was at. Not for my professional photography services and not for my clients.

I’m not the photographer to shoot weddings.
I’m not the photographer to shoot or plan engagement sessions
I’m not even the photographer to run from home to home doing real estate photography.


A new position opens up

As with any business, a new position opened up:

Architectural Photographer to help architecture and interior design firms with high-quality photography to wow clients, bring clarity to proposals, level-up marketing, and grow.

Ok. Ok. In actuality, it was Scott Webb Photography deciding to walk away from photography services that were not deeply loved or that I didn’t feel I was the right person. 

The type of consistent work I’ve done has been through architectural photography and helping businesses bring clarity to their design and execution in the built form—as it interacts with its surroundings, people, and light. 

My background of going through architecture school at Ryerson University is greatly helpful and I’ve been consistently helping business over the last 6 years with architectural photography. I deeply loved this work and I do believe I’m the right person for the job.

More than Architectural Photography

My job as an architectural photographer will be to help architectural firms with great photography; providing value for each project and collaborating to leverage their design process and vision into a clearer notion. 

Even when photographs aren’t for a portfolio, the images help architects to refine and amplify the ideas within their built works and thus aid them in defining their next work, but it also seeks to advocate architecture in Southwestern Ontario.

With this position, I’ll be required to be a helpful resource of information that can help architecture firms to understand how working with a photographer will simply make good business sense.

My clients and the Southwestern Ontario architectural firms deserve even better photography for their built and in-progress projects, an improved process for collaboration, and greater business value.

As mentioned above, I’ll need to behave much differently. My mission is not to learn every type of photography and prove I can shoot it. I’m not trying to validate my worth with other photographers. My mission is to be here to help solve the needs around photography that bring in a return on investment.

Hiring Myself Back

I’ve just described my dream job. Being specialized in architectural photography gives me a more intimate understanding of problems firms experience that actually cost them a great deal. I completely excited to push myself for firms in London and Southwestern Ontario to achieve project and business success. 

As tough as 2016 was for me, I feel positive about how I can currently help architects and interior designers with my architectural background and photography. As the year progresses, I expect to uncover and develop new, more valuable service offerings. I also expect to refine how I can best help.

Firing myself is the perfect way to end 2016. By re-hiring myself, I have a definitive focus for 2017 that I believe is going to help clients see problems solved with a modest investment in professional architectural photography.

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