FIMS & Nursing Building


Architectural photography for architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson

London Ontario Canada | Scott Webb Photography

I first came across the FIMS & Nursing Building while it was under construction. I was so pumped to see this building completed. Even though it wasn’t finished, I had to take a few photos of it still in the construction phase. 

Fast forward to the building completed, I checked it out over Family Day Weekend and explored. I always wanted to go back and shoot for longer. To my surprise, I was contacted by architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson to help them with professional architectural photography in order to soon submit for the 2017 London Urban Design Awards. 

There wasn’t much wiggle room with the deadline right around the corner. On the day of the shoot, the light seemed to play games with me. It was a decent sunrise, but clouds overtook the sky soon after.  This is where architectural photography can become a big game of patience. Thankfully, after lunch the sun reappeared for a short period and the sky cleared just enough for me. 

It was a long day from sunrise to dusk, but it was worth it as always. If you’re in need of photography for an architectural project, please get in touch


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