Based in London, Ontario, I specialize in architectural photography to elevate the experience of your architecture projects, connect with clients and community, revolutionize your marketing, and grow your business.

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Architecture is experienced most through visual content
The world is waiting to experience your work

Gain attention
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You want London, Toronto, and the World to experience your ideas and creative design solutions within your architectural projects and services. Believe it or not, most architecture is experienced through photography. My belief is architectural photography is changing and architecture is going to be experienced more through a mix of visual content and go beyond just high-res photography.


I believe that professional architectural photography is only a start. Unlike most local photographers, I've made the commitment to specialize in the area of architecture to provide you high business value. Instead of generalizing in all types of photography, I use multiple ways of creating visual content to help share the story of your architectural projects in the most engaging way. This is about more than just beautiful high-res photography of a finished project.

Let's discuss how I intend to use a variety of creative services for your studio in 2017.

revolutionize your marketing

Over the past few years of giving my photography away through Unsplash, My ultimate approach for visual imagery is to create an enhanced architectural and engaging experience, in both your firm and it work, that increases exposure and captures greater attention. You are creating meaningful spaces and let's get as many people to see them as possible.

As a by-product we're providing ways for deepening your relationships with current clients and any project consultants. I'd love to discuss ways to help your studio depending on your overall goals.

Imagine having visual content for your architecture projects like:

  • Multi-purpose high-res architectural photography
  • Multi-purpose architectural video clips
  • Photo & Video content for in-progress projects
  • Time-lapse imagery related to progress and when complete
  • Drone photos and video footage of projects
  • Visual content of your projects across all seasons
  • Fresh portfolio images as needed

Your architectural firm will be armed with visual imagery to take on any social media platform. You'll have multiple ways and opportunities to build anticipation for in-progress projects and showcase your completed works like never before.

"Grassmere was recently awarded building of the year, in the institutional sector from our building supplier for this particular project. Scott's photos were a crucial part of our submission."
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Herman Sinke
Grassmere Construction LTD.

Natural Portrayal of Architecture

I look to and admire a more natural portrayal of architecture. The way a building interacts with light, shadow, and people is an honest experience. I want to avoid any misguided experience created by some slick software.

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