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I am a London Ontario Architectural Photographer is on a mission to help architects, designers, developers, and engineers with presenting their architectural projects to the world in the most attractive light, resulting in winning more proposals, winning more awards, getting more clients, and retaining and attracting top talent.

Since architecture is most experienced through photography, by collaborating, we’re helping more people experience our collective aspirations through it and attracting amazing people to London.

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Get noticed or get ignored. Through modern and creative architecture photography, I help you elevate the experience of the building projects you’re involved in, connect with community and clients, revolutionize your marketing, and grow your business. In a world based on connection and trust, I help you build build an audience and become impossible for anyone to ignore. 

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If I search for your business or projects, what would I find? A website showing of only renderings of your projects? Maybe I can’t even find images of the beautiful building you designed?

This is an expensive problem in 2018 and could be damaging your credibility. Visitors to your website, and social accounts, are left wondering if you execute for your clients, are still in business, or just write you off. Leverage my help to build compounding credibility and influence with photos documenting project progress and finished buildings in the real world. 

Don’t fall to the wayside due to a simple lack of clarity and awareness.


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The visual elements you use to represent you are more important than ever before. Your audience wants an experience and to share it with their network. Photography plays a vital role because those photos are how most people experience architecture in the digital age. 

It’s my promise to go the extra mile and provide visual content that’s appealing, creates intrigue, and cannot be hidden. It’s time to change the way you engage with the market. 

Let’s make it so people can’t help but share your extraordinary work to others.

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Scott’s background in architecture and creative spirit contribute to photographs with a high attention to detail, variety of vantage points and moods (seasonal or time of day). He is also responsive, easy going and adaptable to your needs. We recently had a project nearing completion that we need finish photos of to include in a proposal. The landscaping was installed on the Friday and Scott was able to capture images on Saturday, post-process them to eliminate residual construction equipment/signage, and deliver the final images on Sunday. His response in this situation demonstrates his level of client service and contributed greatly to the quality of our proposal, helping us to promote our past work and win new projects.

Ryan Ollson of Cornerstone Architecture Inc. London Ontario

Ryan Ollson

Cornerstone Architecture Inc.

Grassmere was recently awarded building of the year, in the institutional sector from our building supplier for this particular project. Scott’s photos were a crucial part of our submission.

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Herman Sinke

Grassmere Construction LTD.

I am very pleased with the quality and skill Scott had during this shoot. He is friendly, easy to work with and would definitely hire again! These photos will help with my website portfolio as well as social media posts, hopefully both gaining more traffic and interest.

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Join me on my mission to use creative, modern architectural
photography for both a better business for you and
presenting an attractive city to the world.

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