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Did you know Architecture is most experienced via photography?

Scott Webb is a London Ontario Architectural Photographer on a mission to present your business and London to the world by showcasing city buildings and spaces through engaging images that help us all grow. Unlike my competitors, I’m not interested in old, limited pricing models and instead, try to bring as much value as possible so that you and your projects get more attention and recognition. Since architecture is most experienced through photography, we’re helping more people experience our collective aspirations through it and attracting amazing people to London.



Get noticed or get ignored. I want to help you elevate the experience of the building projects you’re involved in, connect with community and clients, revolutionize your marketing, and grow your business. In a world based on connection and trust, I help you become impossible for anyone to ignore.

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Involved in an architecture project or in need of image assets of current and past works? Tell me more! Get the process started by connecting with me.

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Canada 150 Pavilion & bandshell

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If I search for your business online, what would I find? A website showing renderings of your projects? This is an expensive problem which could be damaging your credibility. Visitors are left wondering if you execute for your clients. Leverage my help to build compounding credibility and influence with photos documenting project progress and finished buildings in the real world. Don’t fall to the wayside due to an ignorance of high-quality images for your projects.

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Involved in an architecture project or in need of image assets of current and past works? Tell me more! Get the process started by connecting with me.

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fims & Nursing Building

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The visual elements you use to represent you are more important than ever before. Your audience demands an experience. Photography plays a vital role because those photos are how most people experience architecture in the digital age. It’s my promise to go the extra mile and provide clients with visual content that’s appealing, creates intrigue, and cannot be hidden. It’s time to change the way you engage with the market. I’m hoping I can help. Let’s make it so people can’t help but suggest your work to others.

london, ontario, canada

Exterior of addition

nicholson sheffield architects inc.


our city and lives

Are you guilty of using sub-par snapshots of your projects? Is your website portfolio collecting dust? Are you taking attention for granted? Do you want to delight clients? In the micro, yes, not caring about the caliber of photography saves you money and time.  In the macro, caring about architectural photography pays for itself over and over.

london, ontario, canada

St. john catholic elementry french immersion school

Cornerstone Architecture Inc.


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Don’t miss out on my blog content intended to help me be as transparent as possible about being a London Ontario Architectural Photographer. You will also find it as a resource if you’re looking for some answers and you’ve got a desire to leverage professional photography to achieve your business goals. 

london, ontario, canada

Canadian centre for product validation

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