Architectural photography to help you elevate the experience of your architecture projects, connect with community and clients, revolutionize your marketing, and grow your business.


Visual content is more important than ever. Use of poor photography, or none at all could be detrimental today. The way you market has been distrupted and it’s either adapt or die. That sounds harsh, I know; however, you need to realize you’re a media company first and an architecture firm second. Working with me as your architectural photographer, you’re investing, not in simple photos, but in clearly showcasing how your firm solves problems in creative and sustainable ways.

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Gain more Attention

Become armed with a library of visual content for your projects, both in-progress and completed. Gain greater attention as you have images to share across social platforms, easily.

Build Brand Awareness

Not using social media? You're missing out on building brand awareness. You can use my architectural photos to discuss what your firm cares about and engage with more people.

Attract more clients

Poor quality architecture photography is going to repel visitors regardless of the platform today. Attract more clients and build your audience with high-quality images.

Improve Clarity

High-quality architectural photography helps bring clarity to work you do and can especially become useful within proposals to promote your work and win new new projects. Do more of the type of projects you love doing!

Save time

DIY photography actually costs you time away from the work you're specialized in doing. You and your employees are already busy enough. Don't waste time looking for an architectural photographer for each project either.

attract talent

Potential job applicants are going to review your website, social media, and overall digital presence. Don't let amazing talent dismiss your architecture firm as soon as they see poor images of your work.

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Architecture of Arcane, The Cube in London Ontario
Ryerson Graduate

Background in Architecture

As a graduate from architecure school at Ryerson University, I’m able to save you from the need to come on-site with me or require additional direction


fims and nursing building uwo london ontario at twilight
one love

Specialized as an Architectural Photographer

Unlike most London photographers, I’ve made the commitment to specialize in the area of architecture to provide you high business value. Instead of generalizing in photography, as a London Ontario Architectural Photographer, I am constantly solving issues that surround architecture with photography.

High Value

An Abundance Mindset

Delighting your client is important to me because there is great value in repeat clients. Let me tell you more about my unique image licensing.




Architecture photo of the exterior of a fire station
Showcasing London

Beyond Photography

My architectural photography is, more than just a photograph of a building. It’s about a promise to go the extra mile and really caring about relationships with clients, the community, and the city.


Scott’s background in architecture and creative spirit contribute to photographs with a high attention to detail, variety of vantage points and moods (seasonal or time of day)

Ryan Ollson of Cornerstone Architecture Inc. London Ontario

Ryan Ollson

Cornerstone Architecture Inc.

Grassmere was recently awarded building of the year, in the institutional sector from our building supplier for this particular project. Scott’s photos were a crucial part of our submission.

Grassmere Construction LTD logo

Herman Sinke

Grassmere Construction LTD.

These photos will help with my website portfolio as well as social media posts, hopefully both gaining more traffic and interest.

Peridot Designs Logo

Kirsten Mould

Peridot Designs


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Believe it or not, most architecture is experienced through photography and growing into other forms of digital visual content. It’s time to archive those mobile phone photos and elevate the way London, Toronto, and the World experience your ideas and creative design solutions within your architectural projects and services. 


Let's Connect

Got an architectural project in-progress or recently completed? Or simply in need of fresh visual assets? I’d love to connect and see how you could benefit from a specialized architectural photographer, local to London, Ontario.

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