Monster Numbers: Looking back at my 2016 Unsplash Stats

Reviewing your efforts is a valuable exercise. In a sense, quite a big sense, the use of Unsplash is a marketing channel for your business—not limited to a photographer or their business specifically.

Reviewing the stats from Unsplash is just like reviewing some other form of marketing campaign. 

I also wish to show my photo statistics which are not associated with having a huge following or being some type of recommended account. These photos would have sat on a hard-drive of mine or backed up only on Amazon and Dropbox. 

In 2016, I was sharing photos that were older or photos that I was shooting very close to home. It was the roughest year of my life, by far. I hardly got out to explore any kind of travel. I felt extremely depressed not being able to share exciting new work.

Even when you feel as if you’re photography is not good enough, seeing the statistics on Unsplash can provide a boost in confidence.

Over 80 Million Photo Views

Unsplash Photo Views in 2016 for Scott Webb
Graph of Photo Views on my Unsplash photos in 2016

Over the course of 2016, I shared hundreds of my high-resolution photographs through Unsplash. I did this on a few different profiles; however, I want to share with you the impact on my main profile: @scottwebb

In 2016, I added 215 photos, out of a possible 365, to my profile and this allowed thousands of people to download them for free. This is part of my strategy in helping businesses with high-quality photography in a more generalized form.  Businesses and bloggers are able to improve the visual content they use while saving a lot of money. 

I’m not one of those photographers you hear much about though. That’s okay. I don’t have any special story to tell you about how my photos have lead to high-paying work or anything like that. I continue to upload photos for the community because I simply believe in the community and the need for powerful visual content today.

I tracked my Unsplash Stats almost every month and made sure to track them every quarter. It was important to me to be able to show you these statistics over the course of a year. 

On January 01 2017, I checked all my stats and I learned that my photos had been viewed over 80 Million times. They should approach +100 Million views in a short period of time. 

Tell me where else you can get that kind of exposure on your work. And because of this exposure, I’ve become closer with some members of the community. And this is what it is all about for me.

Unsplash Photo Downloads in 2016

Unsplash Photo downloads for Scott Webb in 2016
Graph of Photo Downloads related to my Unsplash photos in 2016

Even if my photos were downloaded much less, I’d still consistently contribute through Unsplash. I love seeing what people are able to create with the photos I’ve shot and freely given. And, more people than ever are able to experience a scene, building, space, or mood than ever before.

When I started to share my photography, I never expected that my photos would see so much love.

Download numbers for my work really skyrocketed in 2016 and having a few images curated by influencers really helped. As well, the addition of Collections impacted many of my images in general. Some of my images have seen a lot of activity because of being added to many user collections. I’m very curious as to how a “Following” feature will impact photos and stats this year.

I don’t use my Unsplash profile as a “Portfolio” for my architectural photography. I use my profile as a way to share all kinds of photography I’ve shot over the years and hope it benefits someone in need. It’s been a great place to share different types of photography and my own creative exploration. Sometimes it is a random snapshot that people find to be very useful for their own creative work.

Curated Photos in 2016

Curated Unsplash Photo for Scott Webb in 2016
Curated in Collection #100 by Khoi Vinh, principal designer at Adobe
Curated Unsplash Photo for Scott Webb in 2016
Curated in Collection #114 by InVision, the world's leading prototyping, collaboration & workflow platform

It was a complete honour to have a few of my photos curated on Unsplash this year. And a complete surprise.  It really gets me when I think about a work of architecture in London, Ontario being spread and experienced around the internet like this. As well, I was encouraged to put other imagery of London into a collection as I would love if local businesses and bloggers are able to make use of them. 

Thinking about 2017 with Unspalsh

In 2017, I hope I can share even more photos than I did in 2016. I desire to do more travelling and bring a variety of images to people.

The National Parks are free to explore in Canada this year and I’ll be trying to get some images for the Unsplash Community. With Unsplash Local now launched, I hope to connect with more people in the community too.

With stats like I’ve seen in 2016, my main excitement comes from seeing what people creatively do with the photography. Please continue to tag me or mention me across social media when you created with a photo of mine. 

And once you can follow on Unsplash, be sure to follow me!


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