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Already Missed a Vlog Day? So What!

I strive to release a new vlog every business day. After just one vlog, I’ve already missed a day. The vlog life is definitely difficult. The first video was tough, but the real challenge comes in continuing to create on a consistent basis. It seems as if starting is hard, but that’s the easy thing and you only realize that after you start.

In my 2nd vlog, I do explain where my struggle is presenting itself. I won’t let this hold me back anymore and hope you can benefit too. 

At least my obsession does keep me creating. I created a short 15 second clip that is also at the end of the 2nd vlog.

I envision an increased use of short video for websites and page headers or footers soon. You can see my own use of a short architecture video clip on my homepage.

I hope you take a couple of minutes to check out my 2nd vlog, but here is the short clip of jelly fish swimming by. I’m using Elementor to make the video a background so that I can add text overtop of it. 

I’ve included a download link if you’d like to use it in your website or a video. The video doesn’t have any text. I only added some text over to show it can be done.


While I did miss an intended vlog release, I am still constantly learning. The point is to keep moving forward in pursuit of integrating motion video content into my work.

There are times where it’s just not feasible to get that video edited and released. It might take time to get into a routine with the other work you have to get done as well. I’m trying not to kick myself if I do miss a day. At the beginning, it may be smart to do one vlog per week and ramp up to daily vlogs over a period of time. 

I’m still trying to get them out every business day. I want to force myself out of my comfort zone every day.

Anyways, check out vlog 2!

Hope you enjoy it and the jellyfish video clip!

Let me know what you think of video being used as website elements!

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