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I am an architectural photographer who helps small to medium size architecture firms to elevate the experience of their architectural design. Unlike my competitors, I use a multifaceted approach to visual content production, leverage the sharing economy to your benefit, and bring knowledge of the architecture industry with me as a graduate of Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Architecture.

As a London Ontario Architectural Photographer, it’s a blessing to be able to help showcase the spaces clients have successfully completed. With the fact most people experience architecture through visual content, it’s a mission of mine to help visually spread the positive impact of the growing modern London architecture amongst Londoners and visitors alike.

If you are looking to see more of a particular assignment, feel free to browse my archive.

Clients include

Cornerstone Architecture Inc.
Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc.
architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson
Matter Architectural Studio Inc.
Grassmere Construction Ltd.
London Convention Centre
IC Funding
Old Oak Properties
Mary Arthur Surroundings
Harrison Pensa
The Aeolian Hall


Mostly Recent & Favourite Architectural Photography Work



If you’re down here, maybe you still want to see and learn more. Below, you’ll be able to zero in on a few past projects I’ve shot for clients. You’ll see a greater number of images and learn a bit more about them.

London, Ontario, Canada

Cornerstone Architecture Inc.

London, Ontario, Canada


Hiring a photographer,
you’ll find there is less risk with a specialized professional architectural photographer. I deal with both the needs related to your business and how we can leverage high-quality architecture images.

London, Ontario, canada

architects tillmann ruth robinson

Renovation | London Ontario

Nicholson Sheffield architects inc

My architectural photography is,
more than just a photograph of a building. It's about a promise to go the extra mile and really caring about relationships with clients, the community, and the city.

Tillsonburg, Ontario, CA

Grassmere Construction

Archived work

More COMMISSIONED Architectural Photography Work


Join me on my mission to use creative, modern architectural
photography for both a better business for you and
presenting an attractive city to the world.

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