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Experiencing architecture
through architectural photographer:
Scott Webb

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Scott is a graduate of Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Architecture and uses that training for shooting and showcasing architectural spaces in concert with your business goals. With clean, clear, and beautiful architectural imagery of your built projects with the aim of allowing people to best experience your architectural design.

Over the past 6 years, Scott's been shooting architectural photography for clients in Southwestern Ontario. As a London Ontario Architectural Photographer, it's a dream to be able to help showcase the spaces clients have successfully completed. With the fact most people experience architecture through visual content, it's a mission of Scott's to help visually spread the positive impact of the growing modern architecture amongst Londoners and visitors alike. 

As photography is being disrupted, Scott is a big believer in the sharing economy and finds great fulfillment in giving more than he gets. It's his desire to transact on a 51/49 percentage. In working like this, Scott is always trying to make his clients the heroes within their projects and consider ways to get them maximum exposure.

Let's talk more about this and you can learn how all of this would seriously benefit your practice over the short & long term.

Clients include

  • Cornerstone Architecture Inc.
  • architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson
  • Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc.
  • Grassmere Construction Ltd.
  • London Convention Centre
  • Harrison Pensa
  • Brodylan White Property Management
  • Kone Marketing
  • The Aeolian Hall

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Experiencing architecture
through architectural photographer:
Scott Webb

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