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7 Architecture Photos I can’t believe I’ve Never Shared On the Blog

Something has been on my mind. It’s a potential issue with sharing my architecture photos on social media, lately. In an attempt to see if the issue can be curbed, the first step, for me, is to drop 7 architecture photos I can’t believe I’ve never shared here already.

**The information in this post is not verified and is my guess at what’s happening with my images. I really have no clue about search engine optimization.

How I’ve shared my Architecture Photos in the Past

So, the issue I’m seeing is due to how I’ve shared my architecture photos in the past. Instagram was the first place I shared my photos and, if I wasn’t too lazy, I’d stuff the posts with hashtags. 

Sharing is part of the creative process, but I don’t think sharing my architectural images to Instagram first is the right strategy overall. Moreover, I feel it’s important to consider the hashtags being used. I think I could write about that another time.

When Hashtags Might Not Help

Because I like to Google Image Search from time to time, I recently noticed some of my photos being linked to random websites. I found my architecture photos seemingly outranked by these sites instead of being shown as from my website.

It’s important to know, I’m not referring to my contributions to free photo sites like Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, and Raw Pixels. 

The only way these photos of mine could be showing in the image search is because of Instagram and use of certain hashtags. Which hashtags are unknown at this point. 

Hashtag help get your photo discovered on Instagram.  But, there are websites scraping photos in specific hashtags and displaying those photos on their website. Somehow, it’s possible to not show the photo is originally yours too. It’s been a bit frustrating with a number of my photos of Factory London

I’ve decided to try dropping some hashtags and doing my best to share architecture photos here first in hopes of Google learning my site is the source. 

The 10 Architecture photos New to the Blog

This post is to share some semi-recent (4 from the end of 2017) work of mine at my home base and test to see if the photos could make those other sites fall off the map.

Or at least have search show the photo in the results before the other site.

London Convention Centre photographed by architecture photographer Scott Webb, London
London Convention Centre in the day
London Convention Centre - day light long exposure architecture photo
London Convention Centre and looking east with taxis passing
Photo of 1 London Place in Downtown London at night
Architecture Photo of One London Place in Downtown London at night
Edited version of photo from city hall overlooking downtown london at night
An edited version of a photo from city hall overlooking Downtown London at night
Twilight photo of the Arthur & Sonia Labatt Heath Sciences Building
Twilight photo of the Arthur & Sonia Labatt Health Sciences Building in late 2017
London International Airport Architectural twilight photo - yxu
London International Airport architectural twilight photo – can’t wait to get out and shoot it again asap additon and entrance photo by scott webb photography addition and entrance at sunset in Autumn 2017


Here first for my photos of London architecture

There are way more than 7 photos of modern London architecture I’ve never gotten to post here. Many new blog posts are sure to come.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be seeing the photos after I’ve shared them here. For example, I put up the post on The Covent Garden Market photos and a day later put one on Instagram.  Here. First.

While some people are not even bothering with websites anymore, I am trying to build up the only place I actually own. If any of those social platforms go or change drastically, I’ll have my website and the content.

Sharing across social is still going to happen for me, but my architectural photos are going to be posted here first! This website is the source of my work as a London Ontario photographer and allows me to add a bit of story to the posts. I pay for web hosting and some software so why not use it too.

PS. I’m working on an archive of my assignments and personal studies because I realize I need a streamlined portfolio.

The archive is the place if you’re in need of seeing more and it’s a place for me to organize my photography in a much better way. I typically try to add to the photo archive after posting an article to my blog.

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