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My focus is to help architectural firms and interior designers look into the impact of the photography they use for their business and projects. The importance of visual content continues to grow and you’re here because it’s time to set your firm up for success. You might not be ready to work with a professional architectural photographer yet and that’s okay.  I’m trying to do my best to share why it makes good business sense for you to consider working with a professional, specialized architecture photographer and the importance of images of your built projects. My #1 goal is to help you become a more successful company and be your go-to local architectural photographer.

Vantage point that shows ivey business school and the new engineering building under construction

Extracting the most value out of architectural projects

There is no denying that visual content is more important than ever before. The photos taken of complete projects are so versatile due to the digital nature of our society. As important as architectural photography is for completed projects, I’d like clients to consider really extracting the most value out of their architectural projects.  This might sound like my other post about ideas for using your architectural photos in a greater capacity, but this is post is going to refer

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Find greater value in architectural photography

Ideas for Architects to find greater value in Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is an investment and I want architects to get the greatest value out of it for their business. A photo today has a worth far greater than 1000 words. The visuals you put out for your architecture projects are more important than ever. Architecture photos delivered to architects should be used in multiple ways to their benefit. Clients of mine are finding greater value as their photos can be used for their portfolio, social media, and submitting to win awards. 

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Get a look into how great or how little my final architectural images are modified and transformed. With a desire to create a natural, authentic portrayal of the architecture, I think you know which way I’m leaning.

This is a peak behind the curtain of my process as each post also brings a bit of narrative to the shoot or personal study. I love to be as transparent as possible in everything I do and create.


Another architectural photography series intending to shed more positive light on amazing creative and modern architecture in London, Ontario. 

This series is to be updated every other Wednesday, but I’m going to shoot for weekly because it forces me to continually practice my craft and ultimately improving the visual content I create for clients.

Got an architectural project in-progress or recently completed? Or simply in need of visual assets? I’d love to connect and see how I could specifically help your company. Get in touch, today


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