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New Bandshell and Canada 150 Pavilion in Harris Park

I feel the new bandshell and Canada 150 pavilion in Harris Park hasn’t been given the positive attention it deserves through photography. That said, it has to be London’s most controversial piece of architecture in 2017. I tried to shoot some photos once it was officially done for Canada Day, but event issues kept preventing it. Now that the dust has settled and all the summer events are over, I was able to get some isolated architectural photos of the ultra modern bandshell. 

Shot for Matter Architectural Studio Inc.

Approaching the Canada 150 Pavilion in Harris Park

In these 11 photos of London’s Canada 150 pavilion, I’ll try and show you around the structure to get different vantage points. As with all architectural photography, there were no shortage of challenges present. The  challenges faced related to the state of the park grass in area’s up around the new bandstand. I’m guessing these patches of dirt are due to the grass being worn down from the events and festivals over the summer. There was also some signage to deal with that was distracting and a random pylon. But, these are the kind of challenges I need to push my creativity and skill.

Architecture photo to mimic the artistic rendering
View of Bandshell when almost under golden autumn leaves

In the 2 above photos, I was trying to recall the rendering (see it here) of the design in my mind and get images that could closely relate. Once reviewing the photos, I did get pretty close! I noticed that the design did change a little with respect to the colourful Canada colours. In the rendering these colours were represented on poles coming out of the stone wall. Perhaps this change is why the project ended up being under budget, but I have no idea. I do think use of the poles would have possibly eliminated the fear and creation of graffiti. Moreover, it could have eliminated the controversy of 24/7 security placed at London’s Canada 150 pavilion. Btw, there was no sign of graffiti when I was there.

Photos Isolating the Canada 150 Pavilion

Beautiful Autumn Day in Harris Park with the Canada 150 Pavilion
Cropped Image of Canada 150 Pavilion that would make a great website or social cover
London's Bandshell and Pavilion in Harris Park

These 3 images isolate the pavilion against the colourful autumn leaves still on the trees. I’d not been able to capture some images like these without major cropping of the foreground or doing some other photoshop tricks. The 24mm tilt-shift lens helped me with shifting up to eliminate some unwanted elements all within the camera and keeping a higher resolution image. 

I’m very happy with these photos because they came out much like I envisioned for months. I was in the area checking out Museum London and couldn’t leave the area without making these photos and, thankfully, before my battery was exhausted.

I was most amazed at seeing these images on my iPad too. 

Looking towards downtown london

Adding a little bit of context to the scene
Looking towards downtown London

Stepping back, I saw a great way to show some context. My battery was dying at this time or I would have gone across the river to attempt a shot with even greater context. These shots help to show just how modern the architecture of the pavilion is, eh. It sticks out and I love it.  

Activity in the park

Girl flying kite in Harris Park with Canada 150 Pavilion in background

Upon leaving Harris Park, and only a few shots left due to my batteries being dead, I was forced to stop and get this one last photo. Finally there was some activity happening as this young girl was trying to fly her kite. I love having people in my architecture photos if possible. 

What are your thoughts on such modern architecture?

The old bandshell was rough. This updated and modern work by Matter Architectural Studio Inc. is totally jiving with me. The contrast it has to the tree’d background is awesome. 

What are your thoughts on the architecture of the new bandshell and Canada 150 Pavilion? Does some caring photography like this help to show it in a more positive light for some of you?

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