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The Quicker You Start, The Quicker You Do.

You can watch a bunch of tutorials. You can read manuals. Nothing is better than doing. And doing can only come from starting.

Take photography, for example. Many people ask what courses they should take locally or online to become a better photographer. The best advice is always to go out and take photos as often as you can. Then, try to edit playing with your digital negatives in some kind of photo editing software. There are countless programs and apps now. You learn as you do. You learn as you go. 

Learn through play and staying curious.

Today I put out vlog 04 into the world. It’s a drawn out video of me talking about my experience with my GoPro Hero5 Black (aka lilgo – yeah, I named it). All the while, the purpose of the video is actually about me learning through play and through my own curiosity. I’m all in on the belief that video is important for the future and being able to go above and beyond providing only architectural photography. At the same time, I see this as an opportunity to personally grow. 

Even the time talking to the GoPro is considered my play time. Admittedly, I am still a bit nervous and it’s obvious. I’m not going to improve my communication if I stay inside my head.

This introvert is poking his head out his shell right now and he’s DOING. 

As Gary Vaynerchuk has said, “If you don’t give a fuck about what people think, you can do everything.”

This is what I’m working on. To be authentic, I need to drop what other people think. 

I’m not pretending to be a professional when it comes video production. I haven’t changed my Instagram or Twitter bio to say “video producer” or anything. But, I assure you that I am learning new skills every single day to improve. As a bonus, I see my learning overflowing into the photographic still images area too. It all plays together and one fuels the other to create something every single day.

Who knows when I’ll become more concise and comfortable on camera. If I didn’t start, I’ll never know. Movement is the name of the game right now. The more content I can produce, the closer I’ll become to how I envision scenes within my mind already. 

Vlog 04 was long. It took me too long to push out into the world. I am grateful for the many video editing lessons I learned in the process, through. Yes, I learned the lesson through the creation of a ‘vlog,’ but it can now be applied to how I approach the process for any work.

Much more visual content to come from me! If you could use my help, just shoot me a message.

In relation, I believe more and more companies should begin exploring the use of more visual content like video to help their branding and marketing. It’s something that is going to help companies stand out, even still. Just like for me, it’s an important time to push boundaries and bring audiences the experience they are coming to expect.

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