Build Awareness. Make Them Crush a Lot.

The point of an awareness strategy is not to capture dollars by selling a thing. The point of an awareness strategy is to capture attention by selling an idea adjacent to that thing. Think design and construction ideas related to your projects with the help of photography.

By capturing attention with ideas you own that idea. Owning the idea helps you own the audience.

Owning the audience you can tell the audience what to pay attention to, and thereby define the marketplace.

You’ve got to start building an audience first.

We all start with 0 followers.

It is a long-term play. With every follower, you will amplify and compound your attention.

But over time, that is the power of an awareness strategy, and thus the power of content. Potential clients don’t want an awkward blind-date.

Awareness = Attention

To succeed, start talking about what your audience already cares about, build anticipation, and hammer your ideas home with project visuals. Gain more attention and make potential clients crush a lot.

There are few London architectural businesses and construction companies taking advantage of the attention that exists on Instagram and Facebook. You’ll find an opportunity is there for you right now. Marketing has changed. Ignore an awareness strategy and you could be forgotten. Imagine what it could mean for project development by getting community involvement. Awareness leads to more engagement too.

Do you have an online awareness strategy to build an audience, capture attention, and gain exposure to the experience of working with you? If not, what is it you’re struggling with? Feel free to respond directly to this post and share why.

In the meantime, check out this short video talk from Gary Vaynerchuk. There are a few moments of language that may be offensive to some people. It’s just how he get’s things across.

Stop Waiting…

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