Before and After

Archtecture photo of Forest City Community Church with removed distractions

Remove Distractions from Architecture Photos

I wish this was a video on how to remove distractions from architecture photos instead of a few photos and some type. My planning of an article like this one is terrible and very much on the fly. I guess it’s better than no content and missing out on a quick behind the scenes edit of one of my architectural photos. Instead of this being a ‘how to,’ it’s more of a ‘what to’ or a ‘what I removed that …

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Before and After: Brightening up an Interior Image

Sometimes you shoot an innocent iPhone photo while scouting a location and it later becomes one you really enjoy. There’s a wee problem in that something’s off in the image since you didn’t perfectly plan it. In the case of the photo for this post in the Before and After series, I was interested in brightening up the interior. It’s a really simple before and after, but I don’t know how many people know about how I brightened it up.  …

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Before and After Series: Architectural Photography of CCPV

Before & After: CCPV

Happy to say there was a good response to last week’s inaugural “Before and After” piece, revealing some of the process and thoughts behind my architectural photography. That means I’d like to carry it on and show you a photo, shot at dawn, of the CCPV building. Dawn is an amazing time for shooting architectural photography. There are a number of obstacles to overcome, but I believe the biggest comes in terms of time. It’s much like shooting a Twilight, but …

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Inaugural architectural photography before and after series using No. 11 Fire Station

Architectural Photography Before and After Series

Every site for an architectural photography shoot is different and I’m forced to overcome unique challenges to get a specific final image. These challenges are specifically why I believe a professional architectural photographer should be brought in to capture the project for people to experience. It’s my hope that my narrative along with the before and after photo will help you feel more confident in my ability, teach you what challenges we overcome, and pull back the curtain to the process of …

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