Snapshot blown out and potentially useless?

Talbot Streetscape Photo Brought Back From the Dead

Hey! You’ve got to check out this streetscape photo I shot on Monday mid-afternoon. Normally, this is no big deal. Normally, this original photo would not get any attention from me and sit dead in my archives.  Rightfully so, this photo came at complete random. See here is what happened: My newish Sony A7riii was suddenly delaying the shutter release. It was like there was a 2-second timer before the camera would fire. Not a huge deal, but I didn’t …

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Views from the top of London City Hall Promenade at night by Scott Webb Photography

Views From London City Hall Promenade at Night

If London’s been too cold for you lately, going up for the views from the London City Hall Promenade isn’t going change that. It’s even colder up there on the 12th floor. For some reason, I only had one glove on me this night. Not only was this outing to help me get more comfortable with the bulb setting on my camera, but it was a lesson in suffering as long as I could or until the promenade closed. I …

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lumineers concert video thumbnail cover image

Lumineers in London at Budweiser Gardens

Last night, I took a break and got away from the computer. I hit up Budweiser Gardens, here in London, to see The Lumineers perform in concert. Actually, I should probably call it by the official name: Cleopatra World Tour. The show included performances by Susto and Kaleo.  Rarely do I get out for nights like this and it was refreshing after a tough week of high anxiety and very low mood.  The night started with Susto and then went into Kaleo …

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Shooting into the sun is my jam

Shooting into the Sun is My Jam

Confession: I’m obsessed with shooting into the sun. I always have been. But it’s not until recently that I really started to notice the trend in my work. In this article, I bring up the reason I believe this imagery became my jam, share images, and mention how to shoot into the sun and get these sun flares or sun stars.

Komoka Recreation and Wellness Centre - Gym - Photography by Scott Webb


Here is a list of things I’d like to do or think of to do in 2016: Climb aka hike up a mountain Go to Hawaii Go on a bike ride Lay in the park Visit the aquarium Explore a forest Go to Mexico Go on a Road Trip Make a fort Go minimalist and declutter entire home (aka move) Work from anywhere Hug more Stare at the stars Make more art Photograph more people Take a hot air balloon …

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