Daily Vlogging is hard. Keep going!

Already Missed a Vlog Day? So What!

I strive to release a new vlog every business day. After just one vlog, I’ve already missed a day. The vlog life is definitely difficult. The first video was tough, but the real challenge comes in continuing to create on a consistent basis. It seems as if starting is hard, but that’s the easy thing and you only realize that after you start. In my 2nd vlog, I do explain where my struggle is presenting itself. I won’t let this hold …

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Starting that Vlog Life - New Vlog for Scott Webb

First Step: Starting that Vlog Life

No more excuses. No more fear. It’s time to live that vlog life. On Friday, I finally shared my first vlog. It was a tough process, but a worthwhile one. As I see architectural photography changing, it’s important for me to push myself forward to be able to help my clients move forward and receive greater value through my work. Being comfortable with video content and visual content creation is required. Vlogging is the gateway and I see doors wide …

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