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The Covent Garden Market Through the Seasons

The Covent Garden Market is one of the buildings on my long list for capture. With this project of photographing many London buildings, we started it at the end of 2018 because some images were needed immediately and autumn still presents the opportunity for great photography. 

But, what happened?! It felt like London, Ontario got some of the worst fall weather. The sun decided to go on holiday and it really hindered photography. Saw and felt everything but those amazing sun rays. It was either raining, snowing, or record freezing cold temperatures. Still, I tried to see what I could get and provide images that could help at that moment. The Covent Garden Market was one of the locations to shoot some exterior photos and I got a couple that sadly had snow. It was simply unavoidable. Man, the ice rink wasn’t even made yet. I swear it feels like we had one nice fall day.

Turning Unusable Architecture Photos into a Positive

While photographs with snow wouldn’t be usable, I am trying to turn them into a positive here.

This post will show you The Covent Garden Market through the seasons we go through in London, Ontario

I don’t have all of the seasons captured at the time of posting. I’ll update everything with new images as seasons change. 

This post goes along with thoughts to show architecture in all seasons because it doesn’t just live in a world of green grass and blue skies. Right now, I’m sharing a couple images from “Autumn” and “Spring.”

These autumn photos get to live on, but I will try to plan and get new shots in autumn 2018 that are more fall colours and no snow. 

I’ll be updating as I shoot more photos. Let me know if you’d like to see this idea for other London Ontario architecture!

The Covent Garden Market November 2017

Covent Garden Market at Sunrise in Autumn with Snow Downtown London Ontario
Covent Garden Market at Sunrise in Autumn with Snow Downtown London Ontario

Look at that snow and this side of the building is in full shade, looking dark. I could probably lighten things up more with editing. If it was going to be used by the client, I’d probably work on it a bit more.

Photo of the Covent Garden Market a little after Sunrise in Downtown London by Scott Webb
Photo of the Covent Garden Market a little after Sunrise in Downtown London by Scott Webb

I also got a photo from another angle a little while later once the sun was up. You see even more snow, but also look at those red autumn leaves on that tree by the CTV signage. This scene will look much different in winter because there is a skating rink installed here every year.

Now let’s see the difference between a recent photo that is technically spring. Late spring.

Late Spring Outside The Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market in ldnont late spring and no snow

These photos were taken during a weekday and late in the day as we approached the golden hour. This time just wasn’t good for capturing all the life and energy here but is a huge improvement over the photos at the end of 2018. 

Late Spring, Late day photo of the Covent Garden Market, London, Ontario
Covent Garden Market building from another angle

If you look carefully, you’ll see the construction progress on the Fanshawe College Downtown Campus phase 2 building.

For now, that’s it. The photos for summer and winter will be posted here in an update once the time comes. Perhaps I’ll even try to grab more autumn images too.

Again, I’d love to hear if you’d like for me to try this with some other locations in London. I’m all ears!

You might ask why I’d do this extra work? I simply love this and our city.

While helping clients, I also have the desire to show the attractiveness of London to the world. 

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