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Photo selected by Kickstarter in Unsplash Collection 148

I was just sitting here, drinking a nice cold pop, when I was informed one of my photos had been selected by Kickstarter in Unsplash Collection 148. Talk about a nice boost to the day and a great reason to update my Unsplash Journey Highlights.

You see, this marks my 6th photo selected by a big brand or influencer collection. If you don’t get it, this means out of the all photos on Unsplash today, one of my photos was selected. There are a lot of photos being submitted to Unsplash now and I never expect to get my photos in the ‘new‘ section let alone become selected for a featured collection.

Vine Growth at UWO - Curated photo by Kickstarter on Unsplash Collection 148
Kickstarter curated my whimsical nature photo from UWO Campus London | Download on Unsplash

Interesting To Note

What I find most interesting is how I came about this photo for everyone to freely use. Let me say, inspiration and wonder are all around us. Photography is all about astonishment. I believe this even if you’re setting up a concept shoot or session. 

While many people walk by architecture, people, plants, shadows, or light, photographers are heightened to the astonishing elements existing all around us—many of which are completely ephemeral. Yeah, like a real world snap. If you now go back to the location of my photo, you’ll see something completely different. But, no worries, I had your back as if remembering to take a screenshot of the snap.

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This awesome photo came about during one of my architectural photography assignments photographing the FIMS & Nursing Building at the University of Western Ontario aka Western University here in London, Ontario.

I was spending all day at the location and needed some lunch. After lunch, I was walking back to the building, excited about the sun coming out for a little bit when I noticed the vine growth on the building. The old growth of the vine going horizontal mixed with the chaotic new growth and popping leaves made for a dope shot and now makes for a killer background wallpaper. True story.

I knew I had a rad picture to share with the world. I went back to photographing my assignment with awesome energy and a reminder to be open to strong vignettes.

Thank You, Kickstarter

Kickstarter selected images that speak to nature’s whimsy and the elemental magic all around us. I’m honored that Kickstarter selected one of my photographs because it will be seen by a huge number of people from all around the world. These people will get to see the wonder of nature that came from London, Ontario.

I hope it serves as inspiration for everyone to keep their eyes open to what is happening all around us and, if you’re a photographer, to share your work.

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