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Endorsement from London Mayor, Matt Brown!

I recently found myself on the Facebook page for London Mayor Matt Brown. To my surprise, there was one of my photos of City Hall being used for this cover image. I snagged a screenshot. No, I didn’t grab the screenshot to try and go after him for licensing compensation. After all, this photo is one I’d contributed to Unsplash for anyone to use for free. I got the screenshot because I was so grateful he found value in my photos.

Mayor Matt Brown using one of my Architectural Photos shot in London

Not only was it cool to see, being a class act, he provided credit and positive words.

Amazing London photos by local photographer Scott Webb

Endorsement from London Ontario Mayor Matt Brown!
Endorsement from Matt Brown

People continue to question the purpose of contributing work for free to places like Unsplash. Would my London photos get in front of someone like our mayor otherwise? I don’t know, but they did. Moreover, Matt Brown had full permission to actually use the image to create a more aesthetic Facebook page for himself. The details make a difference.

This is one of the best examples I can give you.  My free London Ontario photos are part of my mission to help others leverage my high-quality London Ontario photography and showcase London as a great place to live and work.

Aside from the Mayor finding value, I have been noticing other businesses and initiatives finding it too. It’s been strong proof that visual content is something that we are all in need of today. I know first hand that people are searching for photos to use for projects, but come up with nothing. I’ll save that story for another post though.

Large Reach

My photos on Unsplash alone receive around 1M views per day now. With such a reach, I love that someone viewing or downloading one of my photos could be intrigued to look into London.

I plan to add more photos from around London, especially downtown, as the city warms up.

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