An Example of Scouting Architectural Photography Using The London Public Library, Central Library

Scott Webb

Scott Webb


London Public Library - Central Library - Behind the Scenes scouting images not normally shared

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  1. Scott,

    I enjoyed this blog post on architectural photography and the planning that went into your photographs. Your photographs are very nicely done, and I enjoyed your writing style.

    I live near and work in Washington, D.C.; we have a lot of beautiful and historical buildings as well. Could I ask how you got into this field, and how did you find clients?

    BTW, I found your site via an article on Elementor Gallery. Your site is one of the featured websites.

    Thanks again for the well-written article.


  2. Hey Michael,
    Thanks for the comment and for reading over this long post. With regards to your questions, I’m working on getting that kind of content up on YouTube as soon as I can and also adding it here. As a teaser, it all took a long time and built up.

    Once I get those topics up on video, I’ll update here and ping you to check it out. In the mean time, feel free to give me a shout through email with any other questions that you might have.

    Rad, you found my site via Elementor Gallery. I love elementor so much. Amazing what we can do now for building our sites.


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