Featured Portrait: Repping London Ontario Photography on Unsplash!

It is my pleasure to rep London Ontario Photography, for a 2nd time, on in the 100th Collection curated by Khoi Vinh. Every 10 days, a guest curator selects 10 photos to be featured in a collection and one of my portrait photos was selected by Khoi, a principal designer at Adobe.

On my 2016 List of things I’d like to see and do, I listed that I’d love another curated photo over at Unsplash. It’s one of the only things that I’ve seen manifest so far; however, we’re still early in the year.  The reason that I wanted another one of my photos to be curated was because of how much exposure it brings your own photography.  And I didn’t know that that photo would be one of my portrait photos shot on the engagement photography session for Heather and Marc.

London Ontario Portrait Photography by Scott Webb, Photographer

Exposure for a Simple Portrait Photographer

I am totally in awe of the exposure that is generated for photos on Unsplash. I like to say that I’m a pretty simple photographer. I mean, I’m from London Ontario and I want to keep pricing and shoots as simple as possible. I could have never predicted that my images would see over 305k downloads, that 2 of my images would be featured, and I’d have met so many other rad photographers.


Since uploading this portrait to Unsplash (January 10, 2016), it’s seen some crazy metrics. If you download and use it, I’d love to see it. Also, if you could link back to this website of mine, it would be super appreciated!

If you’re interested in any portrait photography and you’re in the London Ontario area, I’d be happy to connect and discuss your needs.

Now, I’ll have to try for a 3rd featured photo ???????? Still, 8 months to try and get it done. I’d love to hear other experiences from photographers that have had a photo featured in a curated collection. Drop me a note or comment!

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