Some Recent Construction Photography of In-Progress Architecture in London

In a past entry here, I talked about construction photography as a way to extract more value out of architecture projects. What if the in-progress architecture projects could be shot with high-quality photography and treated just as important as the final build architectural images? Well, I’ve been fortunate enough to try and put those past thoughts into practice helping capture some of Nicholson Sheffield Architects’ projects.

Yup, this means I’ve got some workboots now to properly explore in-progress sites. But more importantly, Nicholson Sheffield Architects are becoming armed with photos of project milestones and progress work. These are highly shareable photographs and important for the way marketing and branding have changed for architecture studios. For architects, they’d receive a constant flow of images of their in-progress projects and finished works to help to make social media type work so much easier. And, social media is only one opportunity to use.

In this short entry, I’ll share some recent in-progress architecture in London: Museum London and Info-Tech.

Let’s start with the milestone that occurred at Museum London!

Massive Glass Windows Installed at Museum London

Glass windows being installed at Museum London

Make sure to follow Nicolson Sheffield Architects on social to learn more about the details and progress: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

In-Progress Construction Photos at Info-Tech

Here’s a peek into Info-Tech’s future space. To me, these felt more like before pictures because I hadn’t seen the space. So much work is getting done and this place sounds like it’s going to be amazing.

Construction Photography - Digging out the basement

In-Progress Photos of Fanshawe London Downtown Campus Phase II

These few in-progress photos of the Fanshawe London Downtown Campus Phase II were for my own personal curiosity. I was out shooting architectural photography and happened to be right in front of the project. I’d been meaning to check out what was going on, but never seemed to make it happen. There isn’t a huge amount of room on Dundas Street to try and capture a full front facade but I really wanted to do it.  I’m really loving how downtown London is transforming. Here are 3 photos shot November 11, 2017.

Construction photography of in-progress Fanshawe London Downtown Campus Phase II

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