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Step Inside Info-Tech London’s New Office & Reused Heritage Building

Unless you’re an employee at Info-Tech Research Group, you may never step inside their new downtown London office and see what is noted as a 17.5M heritage building reuse (lfp article).

See, Info-Tech didn’t just move into a great new headquarters, it needed to be completely overhauled to accommodate them. And, the adaptive reuse has already become award winning. It was recently a winner at the 2019 London Heritage Awards.

I’d like to share my recent interior photography of the heritage building turned high-tech office with you and explain a bit of what went into it.

This was a shoot with a number of challenges to overcome. I was grateful everyone was super accommodating and helpful to get the results we did in the end.

Info-Tech London entrance area off of Talbot St and looking into the Space Invaders meeting room
Info-Tech London entrance area off Talbot St
Looking left after entering the building

Info-Tech Had Already Occupied the Office

Ideally, I love getting into a completed project before a company occupies the space. This wasn’t possible for this shoot. Scouting the spaces proved to be extremely valuable in coordinating necessary staging/styling to minimize distractions that come up within a live workplace.

This wasn’t a shoot where you walked in and simply pressed the shutter to capture images. Well, I don’t know of any projects like that, but it can sometimes be how others see the process.

Instead, the scouting happened on a Tuesday and we had to decide to shoot on a weekend while the office was empty. Thankfully, the contact for the project at Info-Tech was greatly open to the weekend shoot and NSA hooked up the necessary access.

A need for staging

Info-Tech Research Group is now a place in full operations and the employees have their own highly personalized workspaces. Depending on the photo, there may need to be some adjustments in styling or staging. It was really important to me to not disturb anything that could cause an employee any issues come their return on Monday. I’d need to plan creative framing to avoid many post-it notes or other documents.

The basement level colour coded red

The main things that were adjusted were desk heights to make things more uniform and making sure it all looked as organized as possible.

While the office was full during the week, there was also the issue of sweaters or coats or it was just a bit too busy for what I wanted the final images to be. I want a few people in the images but not 30 people doing different things. I didn’t want to disturb their workday either as many were on the phones.

Simplifying Meeting Spaces

At Info-Tech, the meeting spaces are named after video games and word is you can actually play whatever game the room is named. In these meeting spaces, you’d also find phones for conference calls. For a number of planned images, we needed to simplify things by reducing as many visible cables as possible.

Contra Meeting Space
Guitar Hero Meeting Space
The Ghost & Goblins Meeting Space inside Info-Tech Research Group London Ontario Canada
Ghosts and Goblins Meeting Space

To help illustrate the difference, here’s a quick before photo that I took mainly to remember the name of the room on the day before the shoot.

Before fixing up the meeting space
Before fixing up the meeting space

Info-Tech is a huge office

Because the office is so large, we needed to split up the days for fixing things up and actually shooting. It was difficult to get the number of photos I shot to showcase the many different spaces and high-quality work.

Check out these interior photos of the different levels inside Info-Tech.

people at info-tech research group in the basement red level of office
Red level looking an opposite direction at Infotech
Looking across the Green level of the office interior
Green level at infotech
Blue level floor within the info-tech office in london Ontario
Blue level at Infotech
old meets new at Info-Tech London
Old and new. Office and meeting spaces
Info-Tech training area in basement level that was dug out
Large room, possibly for training or presentations

Much to Consider Shooting An Office like Info-Tech

None of what I’ve brought up here is bad, nor frustrating. The issues are what architectural photographers run into with projects. I like to express that there is additional work that goes into a shoot and that I’d rather put in this work instead of turning to Photoshop work. I actually won’t even get into the post-processing stuff! ha.

The kitchen area. Each floor has its own
Outside the Q bert meeting space at Info-Tech RG.

This is the kind of shoot that helps me to continue to grow and add to my wealth of experience now.

Can’t End Without Showing Info-Tech’s Party Room

Okay, I have no idea if the name of the room is “party room,” but it’s part arcade, bar, kitchen! It’s pretty epic though. Everyone really went the extra mile on this project!

Info-Tech games and arcade area for employees
Looking into the Info-Tech games area. Amazing.
Huge countertop and kitchen space
Beer on tap? Sure!

Waiting for The Finished Exterior

While spending the time within Info-Tech, I began to imagine the exterior photos I’d love to shoot once the exterior work is finished. If I have a free moment before then, I will try and get some test shots anyway. It’s just something that’s hard to resist for me.

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think of the project and/or these interior photos.

architect: NSA
builder: Trigon Construction

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