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The Latest from Scott Webb Photography

I don’t have something interesting to share every week; however, this week is definitely something special for Scott Webb Photography. Monday brought a couple of releases that I’ve been involved in and you should totally know about. As well, I’ve been writing photography content on Medium. Take a look at the latest happenings around my photography work:

Unsplash + Polarr

Unsplash Filters free on Polarr

A while back, I created a filter called “Electric” within the Polarr photo editing system. It is now available for free with a bunch of other filters created by other photographers that contribute to Unsplash.

Electric Filter on Polarr by Scott Webb

You might not use Polarr for your photo editing, but I would suggest giving it a shot. It’s available right in your internet browser and on iOS. These filters are already available for free in the Polar iOS app. You never know if this might be the best photo editing app for you until you give it a try.

I’m totally grateful to have been a part of this collection along with other awesome photographers.

Try it out on your photos

Creative Market + Pineapples

Free Pineapple Photos on Creative Market

Months ago, I submitted one of the premium pineapple photo collections to be offered as a free goodie on Creative Market.  Monday, this offer went live and people have been grabbing the free pineapple goodies.  I’ve received a few private messages and a bunch of comments that are so positive.

It’s true that you never know where or when you might need pineapple images and this thought always lives in the back of my mind.  That said, I still find it to be a fun project and would love to be the place people think about when they are in need of a photo involving a pineapple! ????

Grab the free good on Creative Market

Pro Tip: You can also receive this premium collection by subscribing to receive emails

Chasing Photography on Medium

Not everything I want to say or write about around photography fits with my blog. I decided to set up a publication on Medium to write about opinions, ideas, experiences and shared thoughts around photography, business, and creativity.

It’s both a place for me to try writing on a more consistent basis and a way for me to try out Medium as a publishing platform.

I decided to call it “Chasing Photography” because photography is changing so rapidly and I believe we’re all trying to work hard and catch up to what’s going on in the industry. I’d like to be transparent about my own thoughts and experiences; however, I hope to eventually share what other photographers have to say as well.

So far I have been amazed by Medium and how easy the platform makes writing. I’ve got a number of drafts in progress and want to hit publish on them all asap.

I’m working on changing the domain to a custom domain name; however, I haven’t got that set up just yet. You can find the publication at

That’s the Latest from Scott Webb Photography

If you use the Polarr filters or any of the pineapple images, I’d love to hear from you and see what you created. Keep an eye on Chasing Photography as it’s where I want to share a lot more content.

I hope to have some new photography to share here soon!

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