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Real Estate Photography: London Front Facades #1

Last year I was a bit frustrated with the real estate photography that I was coming across. My confusion really set in because even cameras on smartphones had greatly improved over the years. Interior photos of homes can be quite challenging, so I was definitely forgiving when it came to those images. When it came to the front facade of these London homes, I wasn’t so forgiving because, on a nice sunny day, even the camera on your phone can do wonders.

Shooting the exterior front facade is a joy for me when it comes to real estate photography. Even if I didn’t have specific work, I decided I wanted to practice shooting the exterior of homes. To practice, I figured the most accessible part of a home to shoot is the front facade and so I started shooting with whatever camera I had one me.

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This personal project was also a way for me to explore parts of London, Ontario, and experiment with shooting real estate photography more often.  Instead of a portfolio item, I thought it would be interesting to do a blog series and create some consistency on the blog.

London Front Facades:

Real Estate Photography London Front Facade
Culdesac North of Commissioners Rd, London, Ontario
London Front Facade on Wellington St, Downtown
Downtown London, Ontario — Wellington St
Thomas Janes Dr, London, Ontario Real Estate Photography
Thomas Janes Dr, London, Ontario
Front Facade of London home on Rideout St
Rideout St, London, Ontario
London Homes - Real Estate Photography exploration by Scott Webb
Thomas Janes Dr, London, Ontario
Apartment building front facade on Rideout St in London
Rideout St, London, Ontario
Lovely Front Facade of Home in London Ontario
Thomas Janes Dr, London, Ontario
Real Estate photo of the front facade of home on Wortley Road
Wortley Rd, London, Ontario
London Real Estate Photography - Home in Old South
Old South, London Ontario
Real Estate Photography with a twist in London Ontario
Thomas Janes Dr, London, Ontario

You’ll hopefully notice that some of the imagery doesn’t look like a typical real estate photo. In some, I was going for a more intimate image including the landscaping. I wanted to give you a view as if you were standing right there.

If your home is featured, and you have an issue with it being displayed, please contact me and I’ll be happy to take the image down.

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