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Getting LTC’d

While out shooting architecture around London, I have had some fun with the fact that I end up getting photobombed by buses. Secretly, I believe I might have been subconsciously attempting to get these photos.  After many photobombed images, it’s become known as ‘Getting LTC’d” and I feel a bit disappointed if I don’t come away having been “LTC’d.”  So, it’s become a small photo series for me, sharing some behind the scene images, and helps me with my timing when shooting longer exposures.

After some time, I’ve tried to capture and include a local bus if I feel it will help with context related to the building.

Check out my growing collection of “Getting LTC’d” photos: 

LTC Bus takes over the full bottom of the frame
LTC Bus takes over the bottom left of photo - Actually feels like it balances the image
While Photographing the Architecture of Hotel Metro on Dundas St, London
LTC Bus photobombs downtown streetscape photo including Citi Plaza and One London Place
One of my favorite photos recently taken of One London Place includes an LTC Bus
Photo of Iconic One London Place and LTC Bus in Motion
Deciding to INCLUDE the bus in one of my photos - this starts to be intentional for me
Okay, here's an example of my intent to include an LTC Bus while photographing this Bus Stop

These photos can still be of use

While we might think these photobombed images are ruined, but a change in perspective helps to realize that’s not the case. Take the last image, yeah, the one above with the cool bus stop design by Ryan Ollson. This photograph, shot many years back, was added to Unsplash for anyone to freely use and I’ve seen it used all over the place. I’ve seen it used by other cities regarding their transit plans. Most recently, I came across an ad on Facebook for an event for London’s very own Bus Rapid Transit System:


These long exposures of buses are perfect as they express speed, motion, life, and movement. The bus is blurred, but everyone can still tell that it’s a bus. It’s able to help tell a story and engage viewers. I may have to add some new images to Unsplash?! (BTW, you should learn more about my free London photos for anyone to use).

I’m going to admit, these photos do seem great for the BRT campaign here in London!

I’ll continue to add more photos like these here and on my Instagram. If any of your photographs get photobombed by the buses in London, feel free to use the hashtag #LTCd on Instagram.

New LTC’d Photo – June 21, 2018

This morning, while photographing the London Life/Freedom 55 building exterior, I was LTC’d once again. I admit my timing wasn’t the best and I didn’t have my camera set at that moment for a longer exposure. With that in mind, I do believe I was photobombed and caught off guard.

With some creative play, I was able to create this new LTC’d Photo that looks to include 2 buses passing by. Truth be told, there was only one bus. I captured it a few times as it passed. 

I decided to play for a few minutes as a break from my editing work. I know. This is my kind of fun, I guess. I just want to create.


This is some rapid transit outside of the London Life Insurance Company Building

I’m sure there will be more to come.

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