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Lumineers in London at Budweiser Gardens

Last night, I took a break and got away from the computer. I hit up Budweiser Gardens, here in London, to see The Lumineers perform in concert. Actually, I should probably call it by the official name: Cleopatra World Tour. The show included performances by Susto and Kaleo

Rarely do I get out for nights like this and it was refreshing after a tough week of high anxiety and very low mood. 

The night started with Susto and then went into Kaleo and finished with The Lumineers. 

I admit that I am a sucker for the cello. It was present in a bunch of songs by The Lumineers.

iPhone6 photo of The Lumineers playing at Budweiser Gardens in London Ontario

From the few concerts I’ve been to, I wish there was always a 2 stage setup so that music was continuous. I would have loved for Susto to then go directly into Kaleo, for example. No 45-minute delays or complete break. When there is such a break, I feel like it alters your experience at the event. The audience can choose to go grab a drink or washroom break at any time. Perhaps we wouldn’t require such long breaks if there were not hundreds of people trying to use the washroom at the exact same time.

Amazing Lumineers concert in London Ontario shot by Scott Webb on iPhone6

While this is not some kind of official review of The Lumineers concert in London last night, I wanted to share how much I did enjoy it. I’ll have to keep my eye out for more events at Budweiser Gardens or other locations in London. This activity is a nice way to renew my well and let go of a night. Now, I can get back to my architectural photography and real estate photography work! Connect if you could use some help in those areas or know someone else that could. Speaking of architecture photography, check out a few exterior photos of Budweiser Gardens I took.

lumineers concert video thumbnail cover image
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Hope you enjoyed a few photos and the short video that I captured with my iPhone6.

The quality suffers quite a bit, but I hope they capture some of the feelings from it if you couldn’t be there!

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