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The Mannequin Challenge as a creative wedding Idea or no?

Mannequin Challenge as a creative wedding idea?

I’m not big on doing cliché themes when it comes to portrait or wedding photography. Maybe it’s why I stopped entirely and shoot professional architectural photography instead. Props and meaningful locations for photography are recommended in my books. But I never want my clients to go over-themed or to a state of corny. I think this desire comes from my architecture school days and the philosophy: Less is more. But, could a trend called the Mannequin Challenge be a creative wedding idea to try with your wedding photographer?

As I write to you, there is a trend sweeping across the internet: The Mannequin Challenge. It’s video in a short duration where everyone is completely frozen like a Mannequin. The camera is the only thing moving as you record.

Example of The Mannequin Challenge

Check out the Mannequin Challenge during a Tony Robbins Event:

When I saw some videos, I wondered if this idea could be useful in wedding photography. The videos are short and my camera shoots amazing video quality. No need for a special videographer for this. It could even be done with a mobile phone and shared right after. All we need is for everyone to stand completely still for a short period of time. Okay, maybe Grandma and Granda stay still seated.

A photo is a moment frozen in time. Utilizing the Mannequin Challenge somewhere within a wedding day could be interesting and viral. Viral might be a bit much, but you’d have an added piece that helps tell the story of your wedding.

As interesting as these memories would be, it would be difficult communicating instructions. Also, you could run into trouble communicating timing with everyone.

Ideas to try the Mannequin Challenge at your wedding:


Getting ready, whether it’s the guys or the girls, could be a good time to try this challenge. I could imagine all the guys getting ready to put jackets on and … FREEZE. Or, the girls doing hair and makeup (and drinking champagne) and … FREEZE. 

The Wedding Ceremony

Trying the Mannequin Challenge during your wedding ceremony could be crazy. But, could it be crazy amazing too? If you married this past weekend, I bet some news outlet would pick your wedding up. Perhaps we’d at least get it on London News this week. 

For this, I imagine everyone freezing as the groom kisses the bride. Everyone is a mannequin as if the kiss stops time. We’d need 15-30 seconds to move around the bride and groom and out to the guest’s excited reactions. Also, capture everyone unfreeze and allows time to resume.

I admit, communicating this to your guests (especially Uncle Bob) would be interesting.

The Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is much less serious. It could be a better time to attempt the Mannequin Challenge. Everyone could freeze during the first dance (or father-daughter and mother-son dance).

In this scenario, the DJ would continue playing the music so it’s captured too. This could be addressed to guests in a note at their dinner table with the DJ setting up the exact moment.

Would you try the Mannequin Challenge at a wedding?

There are various times throughout the wedding day for attempting the Mannequin Challenge trend. 

The technique is simple. The execution of a large group of people, at varying ages, could be difficult. And you only get one try for it to go right—something with which wedding photographers understand. 

This trend is going crazy across the internet right now, but it could become overdone, fast. 

Pulling off the Mannequin Challenge during your wedding ceremony or reception would be unique. The boldness to try it would be praiseworthy right now. 

At a small and intimate wedding, I can imagine it working out. Who knows, it could be a great way to capture a moment and enhance a wedding collection. Or, next week, it could be cheesy.

What do you think? Would you try the Mannequin Challenge at a wedding? Or at your wedding? Is it creative or do you think it’s already too cheesy? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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