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Meeting London’s Canada 150 Pavilion in Harris Park Has Been Frustrating

A simple reminder to have patience…

Being interested in meeting London’s brand new Canada 150 Pavilion in Harris Park, I’ve only found myself a bit frustrated.

This frustration of mine is not the fault of anyone in particular and I’m not frustrated with the architectural design (by Matter Architectural Studio Inc.) of the pavilion like some Londoners.

London has a lot going on in the Summer and this is proving to make it difficult to get some great architectural photos of the Canada 150 Pavilion from a distance and specific vantage points.

Sadly, on Canada Day, the weather proved to be an issue. When I finally got to hit up Harris Park, it started to pour rain! 

Wanting to check the pavilion out before Rock The Park, I thought checking it out in the week would be okay. 

Nope. I kept running into issues.

There was either clean up still to be done from Canada Day or the park was getting set up for Rock the Park. 

I did grab a photo though!

You’d never know the park looked pretty rough and the other half of the pavilion had some items being stored within it. No, not temporary washrooms.

canada 150 pavilion harris park london architectural photography
Camera: Sony A7II / Lens: 16-35mm FE


A Reminder of Patience and Positivity

All of these little things are a reminder to be patient when it comes to architecture photography. There will be a time when I’ll capture the images I see in my mind, but I might have to focus on patience rather than frustration. I’m confident and pretty determined to capture some photos showing our Canada 150 Pavilion in a positive light. The new bandshell and pavilion look great to me and I love the way the trees provide a backdrop. It is a great piece of creative modern architecture for London!

More photos will come here. 

*Update, check out the pavilion photos in autumn 2017*

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