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Officially Over One Million Downloads on Unsplash

Million Unsplash downloads

Guys, it’s become official. My photos on my single Unsplash profile for @scottwebb have passed over 1 million downloads. This is one hell of an Unsplash milestone and it arrives as I upload my 400th free photo to the platform. 

This also happened before my Instagram profile could reach 1,000 followers and over 2,000 photos #gasp

Back a few months ago, I mentioned if you combined my 2 Unsplash profiles, I had well over a million downloads. I could confirm this through my photo stats tracking too. 

This was exciting, of course, but I didn’t have the visual confirmation on Unsplash like today. 

I believe we need to celebrate these awesome milestones. And this milestone was my goal for May: Reach 1 Million Downloads! It was a goal that seemed slightly out of reach, but knowing I was hitting up Toronto Doors Open, I would have new photos to upload. It was a month to stretch and this was one of my busiest months for work too. 

And this is only the beginning, friends! 

As an extra, Unsplash just sent out their brand new email to contributors. It gives us some monthly stats on our photos:

Unsplash New Email Update for Monthly Photo Stats

Are you on Unsplash?

If not, why? If you’re a famous photographer, I understand.

I hope this serves as inspiration and motivation to get some of your photos working for you.

Lastly, Thank You Unsplash and Community!

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