Creative and Modern Architecture in London, Ontario

Creative and Modern Architecture in London, Ontario

Another Architectural Photography Series

Creative and Modern Architecture in London, Ontario

Modern Architecture in London Ontario - The Ivey Business School UWO
Ivey Business School - Western University - Summer Seventeen

Another architectural photography series is beginning here. There is a tremendous drive for me to showcase recent modern architecture and renovations within London.f

Week 1: Architecture of the Richard Ivey School of Business

Week 2: Architecture of Arcane, The Cube

Personally, I feel there is not enough positivity surrounding new architectural projects in the city. I know London is highly in love with preserving heritage buildings and we need to preserve our heritage. But, it doesn't mean there are not amazing new spaces within London that could be attracting brilliant new people, increasing government funding, and raising the bar year after year.

Increase Community Appreciation

Many of these innovative and visionary buildings are hard to find online. My mind is continually blown when I search for a new or recent architectural project and I come up empty. Many times I find an announcement of the project and then nothing ever again.

Let's bring these amazing new (some older), modern spaces to be experienced by more people with beautiful architectural photography. It's a series I hope increases community appreciation.

Working On My Craft In Public

On another note, this series serves as my way of continually working on my craft in public. Architectural photography is what I love to shoot and I'll take advantage of moments to continually shoot and practice. For example, I was in the Western University area on Monday and it was a great opportunity to take a few moments to snap some photos of the Ivey Business School (and the Engineering building in-progress across the street). Last time I looked up the images of Ivey they were dated. Even the photos on the actual website for Ivey could use an update. 

Series Updates on Wednesdays

This series will be updated every other Wednesday (maybe weekly if I'm lucky). At least I am going to try my best to stick to it on my busy schedule these days. Also, the plan is to limit myself to sharing only a handful of the architectural images. I'm challenging myself to only post the absolute favourites instead of blasting you with 50 photos on a page. 




Got an architectural project in-progress or recently completed? Or simply in need of visual assets? I'd love to connect and see how I could specifically help your company. Get in touch, today.

Scott Webb

Scott Webb is a London Ontario Photographer specializing in architectural and interiors photography to help Southwestern Ontario architecture firms, interior designers, builders, and developers.

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