Exterior photograph to show the architecture of museum london

Museum London Ontario – centre at the forks

In this post (there are a lot of photos), I share my building photography of the modern renovation of Museum London – Centre at the Forks. This beautiful update by Nicholson Sheffield Architects is part of the Forks of the Thames change here in London, Ontario. The Forks of the Thames is a big deal for the city as it will be an asset and a significant community amenity, showcasing the city’s profile and reputation for the desirability of living and locating businesses within the downtown. This said I believe there is an imminent need for beautiful architectural photography.

I originally photographed the interior and exterior of the building in late autumn of 2018. The weather was pretty rough at the time and a lot of leaves had fallen. It was one of those situations where there was nothing that could be done though. I could only plan to try and take some photos at an earlier time in 2019.

If interested I also shot some construction photos of the renovation in 2017.


Museum London Centre at the forks twilight shot by Scott Webb Photography
Twilight photo of Museum London 2018- Scott Webb Photography
London Museum in downtown during fall 2018 after all leaves have fallen
Fall scene in 2018 on a ‘nice day’
Cold and Late autumn photo of building in downtown london ontario
Cold and Late Autumn photo of Museum in Downtown London Ontario
Centre at the Forks, London, Ontario on an overcast day in 2018
Scouting photo on Overcast day and trees still with leaves in 2018, but trees would obstruct the view from inside

Overall, I don’t mind these photos from 2018 because they show the transformation and that the museum exists year-round. Despite imperfect weather, the building still looks awesome. The renovation feels so good and I think this is how it should have been from the beginning.

Museum London in Autumn 2019

Shown below, you’ll see photos of Museum London went through a few more changes from autumn 2018 to 2019.

Looking closely, the two trees beside the handrails of the stairs have been removed. The landscaping looks most excellent too!

Museum London - Centre at the Forks designed by Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc.
Museum London – Centre at the Forks designed by Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc.

In 2018, once there was some better weather, I was still a little frustrated about those two trees because the leaves fell quickly since the weather continued to be poor at the time.

For 2019, being in the area, I wanted to see if I could capture a few exterior images before the autumn season was over. I hoped the trees would have their leaves still.

To my surprise, those two trees had been removed and replaced with new plants. Don’t get upset about the removal of a couple of trees though. It’s obvious to me that the removal of the trees is important for the epic view out the huge 2-storey windows. In the winter, the view would be okay because the leaves were gone; however, in the summer the trees would block the view to the Forks of the Thames.

Museum London - Centre at the Forks designed by Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc.
Another look at Museum London – Centre at the Forks designed by Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc.

The garden out front of the museum was still lush compared to the images I was able to capture late fall 2018.

Alternate angle looking at the beautiful update to the Museum in London Ontario
Alternate angle looking at the beautiful update to the Museum in London Ontario

The above photo is not exactly the same as the one you’ve seen earlier in this post; however, it still helps to show how a couple of weeks’ time can make a difference in architectural photography. Weather at the end of the year becomes very unpredictable. Because of this fact, it’s important to schedule any exterior architectural photography as soon as possible.

October 2019 photograph of Museum London, Centre at the Forks!
Museum Renovation, centre at the forks in 2019 - London Ontario
2019 Photo of Museum in Downtown London Ontario Canada

In the photos above and below, without the old trees, we get a much better look at the Museum. This makes a big difference as you enter downtown, now!

Building Photography by Scott Webb - Museum London in 2019
Architectural Photo of Museum London – A less obstructed view with trees removed

With my photos, I tried to shoot in such a way that I was only showcasing Museum London. This means that I didn’t include any other buildings in the frame (for example the courthouse like you see in the top twilight photograph).

huge window modern renovation for centre at the forks 2019 - portrait view
Looking up at the Museum and landscaping – Portrait Orientation

Interior photography of the Renovation

The main purpose of this post is to show the exterior photography of the Museum, but I realize the interior photographs have never been shared on my site either. Here are a few images of the interior space:

Interior Architectural Photo of staircase
Interior architectural photo at Museum London by Scott Webb Photography
View out the 2 story windows while inside museum london renovated space
View out the 2-storey windows while in renovated space of Museum London
Photographer Scott Webb shares architectural interior photo
Looking towards the seating area
Interior of Museum London, Centre at the Forks Modernization
Interior photograph of the museum space
Renovated interior space of Museum in Downtown London Ontario Canada
Looking across the renovated interior
View from Pod, shot by Scott Webb, Architectural Photographer
Birdseye view

Of course, I encourage you to learn more about this project. To do so, you can find that information here.

What do you think of it all? I’d love to hear! I think it’s such an amazing, fresh, and modern look to the museum!

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