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The 2nd Floor North Campus Building, Western University

Modern interior photography shot for Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc. Showcasing the renovations to Western University’s 2nd Floor of the North Campus Building.

I had the pleasure of photographing the newly renovated 2nd floor interior of the North Campus Building at Western University for Nicholson Sheffield Architects. And, let me tell you, this looked to be quite a change for the building and for everyone that would spend time here in the coming school year.

How did I figure there must have been quite a change?

Well, I like to try and scout or walk-through a project location prior to actually photographing it. On my visit, I had to use the washroom and I forget why, but I had to use the 3rd floor washroom. Man, it was a completely different feel. It was like a maze and the hallways felt so closed and even dark. 

A night and day difference between the two floors. I wish I’d taken photos to share the contrast. The 2nd floor was full of light, openness, and pops of colour (something the 3rd floor was lacking from what I recall). 

I tried my best to capture the interior at a time when we were closer to golden hour, but not quite. The light was pouring into the floor. 

Now, every photography project has challenges. The challenge with this one came in the way of the project having a few elements that were not 100% finished. 

Sometimes you just can’t hide those unfinished bits. I was fortunate enough to be able to fix the issue in Photoshop in the 2 effected photos. 

As well, there was a little bit of staging required. Some of the staging done was to bring a bit of organization as things were still a bit chaotic, but it was also a way to hide some distracting cables instead of relying on Photoshop to remove them.

Shooting the interior photography for the 2nd floor renovation of the North Campus Building felt really great. For spaces like this, sometimes you’ve really gotta hustle and try to capture it before it is opened up to everyone at Western University.

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