What I'm focused on right now.

Taking on Architectural photography projects


Fixing up this website is really important. I do everything myself and I’m completely self-taught in building a websites using WordPress. Related to my website, I’m currently using a number of services and products to bring it to life:


Technically, I should only be focused on one side project at a time; however, it’s really hard for me. When the inspiration hits, I work on one of them. These projects are themed around building different website ideas related to photography in some way and another to build a community of people making positivity louder with the help of a tropical legend. My main focus is here in London as an architectural photographer. The niche websites I’m adding monthly content to these days:

  • Pineapple Supply Co. – It’s growing and a huge amount of fun. This post related to researching the pineapple quote Be a Pineapple was the most viral post in 2018 and is now being taken over by all things pineapple emoji! The site is based on the pineapple and the power of it to be positive and optimistic in ones freedom to do whatever makes them come alive. And of course, I added addition information to the post on the Meaning of Stay Golden. Stay Golden, Ponyboy came up!
  • Neon Pictures – It’s kind of at a standstill. This site is all about the trend we’re seeing with neon. Right now most content has been around neon portrait photography (eh there isn’t already names to categorize these emerging trends).
  • Vlogging and YouTube – Once again a focus on creating more video and gaining confidence in front of a camera while speaking my mind. It’s more geared towards documenting my journey and helping other photographers in some way. I am starting off with an Unsplash series of vlogs.
  • WPDarkroom – This is a potential idea to look into for me. Plan is to create a place about WordPress for photographers. As I learn things, I want to share and be a helpful resource for photographers.

I'D LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT A PROJECT YOU'RE INVOLVED IN that you feel could leverage my photography and see business success in 2019 and beyond.