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Doing what I love NOW

I’m currently living in London, Ontario, Canada. It’s Spring! Awaiting Sunshine.

No more resume:

There is no ‘job’ that I go to each day, but I’m always working. I’m working for myself as a creator of photography, video, art, and design. My main area of creative revolves around architectural photography in some shape or form. I’m currently very close to wrapping up a client project where I’ve been creating abstract architecture art for a corporate headquarters here in London.

I’ve been receiving a number of requests to collaborate and work recently. If you need help with a project, connect with me soon so that we can work together and make something awesome.

When not working on client specific work, my energy is divided amongst:

  • Continuing to share as many photos as I can for free into Creative Commons via Unsplash, Inc. You can find more information on this page.
  • Learning video production and editing as a practitioner, vlogging & documenting. You can find my video channel on Vidme. I’m in love with the community on Vidme and I’m slowly getting away from putting videos up on YouTube.
  • Getting ready to relaunch Pineapple Supply Co. which is a side-project with a mission to spread good vibes and positivity with the help of the power of the pineapple. I give away as much as I can for free (high-res photos, stickers, buttons)
  • Experimenting with Patreon, a website that allows people to support creators with small micro-pledges. I’m sharing early access to behind the scenes content related to everything I’m doing now. Want to help support? Go here and pledge.

When taking a break from the above:

I’m working deeply on my mental health. One way I’m doing that is through consistent daily meditation with the Headspace App. I’ve got a 30 day streak going 🔥

Other stuff you might wonder:

  • When it comes to books, I mainly continue to go to Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss.
  • Funds permitting, I am planning to hit up Doors Open Toronto on May 27 & 28.

UPDATED MAY 05, 2017

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