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Nuit Blanche London 2017 … A Few Thoughts and Pictures

Nuit Blanche London has come and gone…

It’s my fault. I should have arrived downtown London for Nuit Blanche 2017 at the start time. More important, I should have ignored my hunger pains once I arrived at the all-night art festival. The experience I had is definitely my fault, but hear me out.

I arrived at 8:30 pm and Nuit Blanche London started at 7 pm. Once downtown, I decided to walk around and check things out at a glance. This took about 30 minutes and I was starving after hardly eating anything all day. It was decided that grabbing an appetizer and drink at Crabby Joe’s would be okay because Nuit Blanche was going to last until 1 am.

These 2 decisions caused me to have a lackluster experience, London.

Nuit Blanche London didn’t go until 1 am as advertised. Unless the funky dancing in Market Lane was the last exhibit standing, I have no idea. At around 10:30 pm, I found myself back and ready to explore; however, I quickly noticed things felt much less active. What happened? The art exhibits I wanted to check out in more detail were either gone or packing up. Many people in the city were probably still at home getting ready for a night on the town. Meanwhile, the London art scene was ready to go to bed?

As I said, I take full blame for missing out on being able to photograph and experience a lot of Nuit Blanche London, but I thought you’d have my back with the 1 am wrap time.

I admit there was some frustration over it. The good thing, I was still inspired and the empty streets didn’t kill my vibe. In fact, I became able to explore some photography of my own earlier than expected.

Overall the night was fun and inspired me creatively. 

Below, I’ll add a few more thoughts and a huge shoutout for one of the exhibits that didn’t pack it in before 11 pm (allowing me to get some photos to share).

Creatures of Nuit Blanche London?

While munching on delicious food, I talked about how excited I was to go find the stilt creatures of Nuit Blanche. Yeah, that’s what I called them. I’d only gotten to experience them for a minute and I was after some better photos. I am thankful I got a few photos of the creatures, even if they are a bit blurry. After 10:30 pm, I couldn’t find them along Dundas Street. They must have wandered off and got lost.

stilt creatures of Nuit Blanche London Ontario 2017 from photographer Scott Webb
Creatures on stilts and on the move at Nuit Blanche in London Ontario 2017
At Nuit Blanch in London Ontario, the creature is on the move
Last I saw of these creatures at Nuit Blanch London 2017

The Bride of Nuit Blanche: Jilted Bride

Big thanks and shout out goes to this bride of Nuit Blanche. I forget the story at the moment as my program is in the car. She was clearly upset and broken-hearted. She was amazing! I was so glad she was still out on the street after 10:30 pm while everything else was done or packed up. It was no surprise she had a bit of a gathering. Since she was still performing, I was able to spend a few minutes and take some photos to share with you.

Crying Bride at Nuit Blanche London 2017 - photo by Scott Webb
Crying, broken-hearted bride at Nuit Blanche London 2017
Woman performing at Nuit Blanche in London Ontario 2017 photographed by Scott Webb
Tall bride broken-hearted at Nuit Blanche
Photo from Nuit Blanche London Ontario 2017
Shot from behind tall bride performing at Nuit Blanche in London
Shot of tall bride performing at Nuit Blanche in Downtown London

I believe she was supposed to be throwing out flowers, but it looks like she might have run out early. Someone should have been supplying her because it would have looked so amazing with the flowers all over and flying in the air. Still awesome!

Museum London

Lastly, Museum London was open until Midnight and I was able to check it out. It was pretty busy inside. People were making plasticine aliens and placing them within a model of Museum London.  I was also able to check out the current exhibits. I snapped a couple of interior photos but mainly spent time checking out the postcards exhibit. Apparently, there was going to be someone teaching how to shoot night photography with your smartphone, but I didn’t stick around that late. I wanted to find the man dressed in lights. Never did spot him. Maybe next time!

Inside Musuem London during Nuit Blanche
Stairs to the edge of the world
Stairs to the edge of the world

One more thing

At Market Lane, I wanted to make use of the lighting and create some images that other people could find as a design resource or for use in photo editing. For this, I put my camera into manual focus and captured the changing neon lights. Here is a sample of the images and if you want to use it for anything, it’s up on Unsplash to download.

Market Lane Neon Lights Bokeh

If you like this, I’m going to try and put out a downloadable collection of bokeh images on CreativeMarket in the future.

Stay Tuned

Above I mentioned I was able to explore some creative photography different from my usual architecture photography. I plan to share the creative photos and a website associated soon.

If you got out to Nuit Blanche, I hope you got to experience a bit more than I did. If you didn’t know about it, I hope my pictures show you a little taste and interest you to check it out next year. For me, next year I might check out London as the event starts and then go to Toronto’s Nuit Blanche for the all-night exploration. That is if the events are on the same night again.

Even though this isn’t architectural photography, I am trying to get more involved in events in London and sharing!

// all photos shot with the Sony A7ii and Sony 50mm f1.8 lens

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