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Getting more handsy with ON1 Photo Raw 2017

Photo from Unsplash Photowalk in Toronto 2015 | Edited in ON1 Photo RAW 2017

With 11 days left in my trial, I wanted to give an update on my use with ON1 Photo RAW 2017. I’ve been talking with some of the cool people within On1 regarding a few of the issues I had on my first impression

The issues I had related speed, the transform tool, cropping, and not all edits after exporting the image. These issues seemed very odd to the guys at ON1 and they couldn’t reproduce them. 

You know what that means? My issues probably related to user error.

Finally, I took some time to give it another go. 

Another try with ON1 Photo RAW 2017

For this session with Photo RAW, I made sure to not multitask and just focus on a couple edits.

Right away I noticed the speed issue compared to when I use Lightroom. But, I believe that will improve with time. No big deal right now.

I decided to try editing a random RAW photo. Yup, I realized that I was editing a jpeg file the first time. I started to wonder if that could be the cause of a bug. 

I mainly just tried editing where I ran into issues last time. 

The transform tool seemed to be working out for me! This was nice to see. We’ll just need transform to get more functionality or continue to require other software. I’m okay with this as it only requires me to think about an overall workflow for my post-processing.

Because I altered the photo’s perspective a little bit, I now needed to crop some edges. Perfect. I wanted to try this out again too.

At first, I ran into the same problem. It would crop the photo but I was left with the same look as the uncropped image. 

What gives? 

I undid my crop and slowed down. I noticed at the top of the program was a little button: Apply.

Using this, I got a regularly expected crop. On the first attempt, I just pressed the Enter key. 

ON1 Photo RAW felt nice at this point. I started to see that I simply need to spend more time with the software. 

Lastly, I decided to apply an effect with lens blur to see if it would be present upon exporting the image. 


The photo exported with the edits just fine. 

Successful Edit with ON1 Photo RAW 2017

Another edit for good measure

I wasn’t going to let ON1 Photo RAW 2017 off that easy. Another edit would be a good idea and I’m glad I did because I ran into my issue.

My cropping issue with On1 Photo RAW 2017

Was I suddenly experiencing this crop/transform issue again? 

I tried exporting it a number of times with the same result. You can see it looks different than the photo at the start of this entry.

After a few minutes of investigation, I realized that I must be exporting a version that is within the “Layers” section. I decided to delete/remove the image while in the “Layers” module and I was presented with my other photo. 

After exporting that photo, it worked as expected. No issue.

Properly cropped photo exported
Properly cropped photo exported

I need to better understand the “Layers” module. Really, I need time with every module within Photo RAW.  

After trying ON1 Photo RAW 2017 for a second time, I really only struggle with speed and responsiveness.  That issue might be simply my 2013 MacBook. Even if a little slow, it’s still an amazingly useful piece of software for editing RAWs. 

I’m also super impressed with the ON1 team getting in touch with me to figure things out. Seems everything related to my ignorance. I look forward to learning it within the ON1 Plus Membership.

I definitely recommend checking out this RAW processing software. If anything, explore it using the 30–day free trial. You just never know how much it might help your workflow and creativity. And it doesn’t restrict you in any way or watermark you photo.

P.S. The candid group photo in this post was from an Unsplash Photowalk. Unsplash has launched a new initiative called “Unsplash Local” and it is something photographers should look into for experiencing more photowalks in 2017.

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