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One London Place in Photos

What’s this? As someone that want’s to show there is more to London’s architecture than One London Place, what’s up with the photos of it? I’m currently trying to blast through a couple of long lists of buildings to photograph as assignments. One London Place happens to be on a list and I have wanted to get it done. This morning I was filled with anxiety for some reason and it almost held me back from going out for sunrise as I intended. Actually, the anxiety was related to parking downtown and not having change for parking meters. I know, it’s ridiculous and I overcame it by telling myself I’ll park at one of those spots that I can use my credit card to pay easily. Once I saw One London Place with some lights on, I decided to see if I could catch enough additional images for the client to choose from. As well, as soon as I started shooting, I noticed my anxiety was gone.

As I prepared, I hoped for either thick fog to be present or for some great sunrise colours playing with the architecture. I, sadly, didn’t reallly get either. However, I got to One London Place before sunrise, capturing the building during the morning blue hour. I wanted to share those 3 images and add what was going through my mind. I’ll do this for 3 more photos after the sunrise and show how much the light had changed.  Overall, I’m amazed at the photographs due to the light not being ideal.

One London Place During Blue Hour / December 4, 2017

Photo Shot Downtown London Ontario early in the morning on December 4 2017
This was one of the first photographs I took. After a few photos, I felt I didn’t like the angle. But, it might be growing on me. The glass nature of One London Place really reflected the blue hour!


Architectural photo of One London Place by photographer scott webb
Long exposure photo during a morning blue hour that felt more like a warm-up shot for this new view of the building


One London Place during blue hour
London bus sits frozen while wellington road is lit with motion via the light trails during the morning blue hour. I loved the added interest and I felt the bus balanced out the photo a bit better.


One London Place after Sunrise / December 4, 2017

Sunrise and One London Place in London Ontario by Architectural Photographer, Scott Webb
I wanted to show the fast-paced activity that happens here on a weekday morning and how it plays with the experience of One London Place. While photographing, I also noticed most people looked up at the tower at some point…just like this photo pulls your eye up.


Architectural photo of One London Place by Scott Webb Photography on December 4th 2017
Spent a little while trying to get some human scale into the frame. Hopefully, the context of cars and London Life also help to show how tall One London Place is. I believe it’s London’s tallest building still.


London Bus moves through the frame while photographing One London Place architecture at sunrise
I’m pretty sure this is the bus of the bus driver that came out and chatted with me for a few minutes. The intent of the photo, like the others, is to include context and include motion. I left shortly after this because the sky wasn’t opening up at all. Glad I did get some colours though.

Got a favourite?

In the end, these may all be tossed away but I felt committed to seeing what could come of the photos in post-production.

I’d love to hear from you in regards to which photo of the 6 you like the most or feel is the strongest from the set. 

Gear used:

Sony A7ii camera, Metabones V adapter, Canon 17mm Tilt-Shift Lens, Arca-Swiss C1 Cube Geared Head

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