Parabo Press Review of Panorama Prints and GoodHangups Wall Magnets

Parabo Press LogoIt’s important to me to create inspiring spaces with art, but let’s start off by saying this Parabo Press review of panorama prints is my honest experience and thoughts. In full disclosure, Parabo Press hooked me up with a $50 credit to be able to check out some of their print products or hanging accessories. I ended up spending around $62.50 because I simply wanted more hanging accessories. This is my 3rd order now!

Why Print Photos?

Of late, I’ve been printing more of my photos and I’ve turned to Parabo Press, CanvasPop, and Canada on Canvas. What peaks my interest in Parabo prints is their big push around no holes in the walls and a fun approach to marketing their products. The reason I’ve been printing more of my photography is due to organizing and changing my home workspace up to be more creative and inspiring, but also for eventually creating a gallery wall in my home. I want a mix of the kinds of frames I use, but I also want to include prints hung in other ways as Parabo Press offers us.

Printing your photos is such a pleasurable experience. Having art and photography surrounding you is also a boost for your work. We need art. I only have so many ‘screens’ to set up with beautiful wallpapers.

What did I order from Parabo Press?

I decided to order a few items:

In this post, I’m only reviewing the panorama print. The image I chose was not an actual panorama but a crop of one of my photos. I chose not to try one of my architectural photos because I don’t have enough photos of people up around me.

Parabo Press Panorama Print Review
Panorama Print from Parabo Press held on wall with Magnets

The quality of the paper was pretty nice and I appreciate the white border for being able to hang the print with these tiny magnets from Good Hangups.  These little magnets come with magnetic stickers. They’ll stick to the wall and make any place magnetic. You don’t see the stickers because the print covers them! It’s a really cool way to get your prints up anywhere. I painted part of my office with magnetic paint so they work great even without the stickers that come with them.

For the print, I’m not one to pixel peep or technically review paper features. The quality was as nice as I’ve seen on other prints from other companies. The great thing is how easy it is to create and print your pano on Parabo Press. It’s a specific product and you don’t need to worry about it being custom and costing you more money.

Panorama Print up on the Wall
Panorama Print up on the Wall

With my print being a crop of a photo, I’m impressed with the overall detail too. I could only imagine how great a detailed landscape type panorama would look. If you’re into creating panoramas and haven’t printed many, I’d recommend giving Parabo Press a try and see how you like it.

I’d love to see an option to upgrade and have your print come framed. I know a big thing with Parabo Press is that you don’t have to create holes in your walls, but it’s not super easy to find frames for panorama prints. This is the only small issue I could think up for this review.

Pro Tip:

Don’t try and hang up a panorama print on your own. Always find someone to help you out to make the act much smoother.


I don’t know how often I’ll look to order panorama prints, but when I want a print in such an aspect ratio, it’s Parabo Press I’ll go to. I personally enjoy using Parabo Press for some of their other products and love their constant deals – like free prints where you only pay for shipping! There are too many people that don’t even know about the option to print via Parabo and I hope more people look em over.

I plan to print more photos and I hope you do too!

Let me know if any specific questions about my print come up for you. I’ll be happy to answer anything in the comments!

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