Meet Scott

I’m not going to tell you that I’ve longed to be a photographer since I held a Fisher Price camera in daycare. In fact, I told my parents I wanted to be an architect.

Years later, I found myself graduating from Architecture School at Ryerson University and my fascination with digital photography growing greater than doing working drawings.

Exploring all kinds of photography, I could not escape the pull of my love for architecture and decided to specialize in Architectural and Interiors photography, professionally.

I have an unbridled desire for bringing greater exposure to the built and in-progress architecture in and around London, Ontario. With people experiencing architecture through visual content the most, I am here to help you express and show your work so that clients and community grow in appreciation for your work.

I understand your niche and desire to capture beautiful spaces making amazing impacts in the built environment around Ontario. 

About Scott Webb, london ontario photographer
Scott Webb, London Ontario Photographer


I’m a self-taught London Ontario Photographer and I’m always trying to refine my skills and contribute to my city through the talent given to me. Most photographers are generalists and take on anything and everything. I decided to not be “yet another” photographer in London. I specialized in architectural photography and haven’t looked back. This year I’ve turned down work so that I can focus on architecture clients. 

I am a firm believer in the power of beautiful images to help local area businesses grow. I’ve been shooting photography more seriously over the last 7 years and learned to love my city. This isn’t about snapping pretty pictures to me. The images are how many people experience the work being done here in London. For this, I want people to experience London’s modern architecture in a way that it could attract people to our city and continues, in terms of architectural design, to raise the bar in Southwestern Ontario. 

Clients have ranged from architectural firms, local businesses, property management companies, and realtors in the London area. Looking back, I feel blessed for these opportunities and it’s part of my mission to create images that attract exciting new opportunities.

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