Hi there, my name is Scott and I am a professional architectural photographer for London and Southwestern Ontario. 

I am one of those photographers that love the journey and can’t help explore other entrepreneurial endeavours at the same time. 

I firmly believe that architectural photography chose me. It is the genre of photography that I continually gravitate towards and enjoy the most. Instead of being a generalist photographer, I took to firing myself from most other forms of photography and rehire myself as specialized for architecture and interior photography. 

In my ‘spare time’, I am building a brand with the help of the pineapple.


In my past, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with companies like WooThemes (now Essentially Automattic) and Unsplash.com as a community manager. I seem have a knack for spotting and working with companies that eventually dominate the internet. Speaking of Unsplash, I continue to contribute some of my photography explorations for everyone and anyone to download and use (find my unsplash updates here). I have created a special collection specifically for Free London Ontario Photos. My photos are everywhere – Used by Junos London, Facebook, Western University, and the list goes on and on.

You see, it is my mission to help showcase London, Ontario to the world through high-quality photography. I found that most building photography did not contribute to the quality of architecture within London. It was the most frustrating thing to me. As a photographer, I felt that I could try to help contribute images that do show the great buildings and spaces being created by architects, designers, developers, contractors, and others involved.

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in 2019

Exploring Video via Behind The Scenes Content

Photographer Scott Webb at work photographing interior
Photo courtesy of Matter Architectural Studio Inc.

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I'm not afraid to document my process or share imperfect images here or on social media.

Doing so, helps me to explore my curiosity about the use of other visual content. It's also a joy to help build awareness for projects and my clients.

This web page is a work in progress.
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