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Have you ever had that feeling that you’re an imposter? You know, that feeling like you’re own work is just not good enough to hang? It’s a feeling that can become very ingrained because you might not get hundreds of likes or retweets for your work; however, you sit there watching other photographers with all kinds of activity. Anyone with this kind of imposter feeling should begin uploading some photos to Unsplash. Before you know it, you might have photos with over 1 million views, each!

That’s where I am sitting right now. I looked at my Unsplash stats and noticed that I have 5 photos with over 1 million views each and a few others are approaching the million view milestone.

As much as I can feel like I’m not good enough, I see these statistics and realize that there is interest in work I’ve photographed.


Portrait Photo with almost 5 million views
5,159,755 views – download

This photo has over 5 million views! It was a featured photo on Unsplash and because of that, it becomes the moved viewed photo of mine (that isn’t a pineapple).

Not Featured:

Engagement Photo with over 1 million views
1,357,795 views – download
Engagement photo with over 1 million photo views
1,119,919 views – download
Free high-res photo of bride and groom feet while kissing in grass
1,013,125 views – download
Wedding photography of bride and groom in car that has over 1 million views now
1,003,634 views – download

These 4 photos have now been viewed over 1 million times without the help of being featured in an Unsplash curated collection. This really blows me away more than the featured photo! These images have probably benefitted greatly from the Unsplash collections feature and being added to more and more collections. I can’t confirm this is a big help for the number of views reaching over a million, but I just have that feeling.

1 Million Views and Drive for More

Having photos with over a million views each, I’m only driven to create more photography. The imposter feeling gets suppressed a little more with each view.  I know that not ever photo of mine is going to reach such a milestone; however, the overall stats continue to try and be consistent with sharing my photos with the world.

Have you considered uploading to Unsplash and using statistics to drive you, help you get out of a creative rut with your photography or to try and get past that feeling of being an imposter?

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