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21 Architectural Photos of Forest City Community Church

Living about a 5-minute drive away from Forest City Community Church on Bostwick Rd, I took advantage of a great morning to finally shoot some architectural photos–not using my iPhone. Part of the plan was to get in some practice flying my Mavic Pro drone. I did get to practice and there is one photo at the very end.

That morning, the sunrise was great, but I did run into an issue. The sprinklers had been on and there were crazy watermarks all over the asphalt. This water caused all kinds of distractions in many images and I had to try my best to work around them or do a little photoshop work. Ideally, it would have been better to shoot another time when there was a consistent look around the building. But, just like with the challenge surrounding the architectural photos of Arcane, I enjoyed the task.

Signage played a tough part to shoot around, but I doubt anyone would even notice the sign that got removed due to being a big distraction. Removing a sign like I did, I got to refine my skill and that’s a huge component of why I go out and shoot on my own time too.

Amazingly, I came away with many more photos than expected. A number of the images get into closer details of the architecture and landscaping. The drone photo isn’t ideal due to the water, but you’ll see.

leaving room for adding copy to the lower part of the photo
warm sunrise and sun to my back
modern architecture for a church, here in London
An entrance with seating
landscaping detail
Looking up at the roofing detail

This was my church for a number of years. I remember when the addition was under construction. Once complete it was amazing to see just how much the added space was needed. I’d say the architects, a+ LiNK Architecture Inc., nailed the design for this addition. This is what they said about what they were designing and solving:

A multi-purpose atrium space will become the new centerpiece of the facility to relieve pedestrian traffic and congestion. Additional space will be allocated for increased student ministry, administration and a café.

I don’t have any recent photos of the atrium interior but it’s quite nice and modern. In highly considering to return to Forest City Community Chuch, I may see about being allowed to snap a couple images sometime.

reflecting forest city community church

Over the course of the morning, the light changes quickly as I hope you notice. Still one of my favorite times to shoot, even if quick changing light presents a challenge. I do love the opportunities that come with being able to shoot with the sun rising to my back and shooting into the low to create these sun stars.

Architecture Photo of Forest City Community Church from the Air

Lastly, we come to the photo shot with my Mavic Pro drone. I’m mainly including this because it really helps to show all the water in the parking lot and road. Also, you see all the parking signage. With a shot like this, you may not mind the parking signs but the water really doesn’t do anything for the image. I’d need to go back for a dry lot and happily shoot again.

Much like the Canadian Centre for Product Validation, FCCC is off the beaten path and I don’t know how many people know about this modern church in London. Again, when I did Google image searches, Forest City Community Church didn’t yield many results. I hope this series on modern architecture in London, Ontario can help it begin to pop up more.

If you’re enjoying this series on some of London’s more modern architecture, I’d love to hear from you. Perhaps there is a building you’d like to see photographed that doesn’t get enough love. Leave a comment!

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