What Went Down in Quarter 2 at Scott Webb Photography

Every so often I enjoy sharing what’s been happening with my photography. The quarterly time period works out really well for me.  In this post, I am going share what’s new and the metrics around Scott Webb Photography.

What happened with Q1?

In Q1, it appears I only shared the metrics associated with Pineapple Supply Co images. With that said, here’s a recap of the metrics from Q1 that are the result of my Unsplash Accounts(3):

New Photos: 126
Photo Views
:  20,542,965
Downloads: 159,719
Likes: 3,421

How did Q2 Compare?

In Q2 metrics for my photos, I have included a couple of stats from Creative Market because they were significant. In May, I offered up a free good for creatives to download and it was downloaded over 38K times in the 1 week. This bumped up my total number of downloads and exposure nicely!

New Photos: 183
Photo Views
:  18,940,832
Downloads: 243,588
Likes: 2,029

As you can see, I uploaded more photos. I have been out taking photos much more since the weather improved with Spring and Summer. My tan is improving as well!

Despite uploading more images, Views and Likes are down a bit. That’s totally okay with me. I can’t get upset with my photos not getting placed into the new section when uploading new images every day. But these numbers are great to show that consistently uploading new photos will build up over time. A few photos in the new section every 10 days will do magic for you. Don’t believe me, check out Annie’s Unsplash Hacks.

Blowing me away right at the end of the Quarter was seeing that InVision curated one of my architectural photos and that marks 3 photos curated now.

Architectural Photo of Audi London

Getting in more Photography

In this period of time, I definitely got in more photography around southwestern Ontario. I’m shooting daily and it’s been amazing to see how anxiety shifts from not shooting enough to having so many photos to edit and share.  That said, here are a few of the shoots I did with Links to drill down on them and see more images:

Engagment Photography for Jenna and Colin

9 architectural photos exploring the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics by Scott Webb

10 Architecture photos of the Audi London Dealership by Scott Webb

Absolute Condos in Mississauga

There are a few more photo shoots that I need to share still. I’ll update this post to include them in the future. They include a few architectural shoots and real estate photography.

Stock Photography Shops!

Pineapple Supply Co

In Quarter 2, I decided to open up shop for my pineapple images and it is called Pineapple Supply Co. It’s not got everything I want up on the website yet; however, I can’t leave things behind walls or I bet really anxious. They are both built on WordPress and utilizing WooCommerce. I’ll definitely share more of the tools used in the future.

Gardenly — Plant Images for Creatives
I also opened up a website called Gardenly. I’ve decided to put my stock photography shop here on Photographing pineapples, I’ve really been drawn to photograph more plant-like materials and this name came to me out of nowhere. It is slowly getting love too and I hope for an official launch in a month or so. In the meantime, I’m doing a bunch of photography for it and the Gardenly Unsplash Profile (of course).


I’ve got the itch to travel and shoot. I want to bring my absolute best work to you all in the most democratized way. That’s why I share through Unsplash and am offering up other premium photos for such an amazing deal or seeking a donation.  I’m simply happy with how hard I’ve been hustling lately and fully believe that good things come to those who hustle.

If you have any thoughts or questions related to this post, I’d love to hear from you in any way.

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