Real Estate Photography
in London, Ontario

Scott Webb helps local London Ontario realtors and homeowners invest in high-quality real estate photography that sells homes quickly and pays for itself! 

With people searching the internet first,  Scott’s photography will help homes to gain more attention and exposure on MLS, in your social networks, print materials, and website. If you’re listing the property on a site like Kijiji, it is guaranteed to stand out.

In London Ontario

Real Estate Photos that sell for you

Great Photography is Great Business

For a modest investment in real estate photography, you can see a giant return. Create the best presentation of the home through strong photos that are known to generate greater interest in the market. At the same time, show your clients and owners that you care about brining in top dollar for their home. I do my best to make you look great through photography.


Do I need to be a realtor to book real estate photography?

To schedule or book a real estate photography shoot, you do not need to be a realtor. Obviously, agents use this service most, but you could be the home owner and selling your home privately.  

How much notice do I need between booking and the shoot?

Typically, it's best to have at least 48 hours notice. I try to respond to email inquiries as soon as possible, but 48 hours is best until I have the automated booking system in place. Once easy booking is set up, you'll be able to select a specific available time and day.

Do you do staging?

I do not do staging or rearrangement of items and furniture. When I show up for the booked time, it is under the assumption that the home is ready to be shot. I allot a total of 1 hour for real estate shoots and cannot spend that time cleaning or rearranging or else the photography may  not be completed.

How do you accept payment?

I accept payment through email transfer, PayPal, or Stripe. Payments are made in full in order to secure a date and time for the shoot.

When Do I receive the finished photos?

You can expect to receive the photos within 24 to 48 hours after the shoot. The number of photos can change depending on the home. I will advise you if there could be any delays at the time. I understand there is some urgency in the industry at times.

How do I receive the files?

You will be given a link to a private gallery where you will be able to download all of the high-resolution files. You'll also have the option to download resized for web images as the high-resolution photos are extremely large.

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