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Scouting the UWO Power Plant

With London, Ontario a victim of some kind of overcast voodoo, I went out to UWO campus to scout a few buildings on my list to shoot for clients. With so many unique challenges to overcome on each architectural shoot, scouting on less than ideal days has really helped me in my work. Spoiler: In architectural photography, you don’t always get perfect conditions in weather or atmosphere on your one and only visit. This challenge is especially why it’s a very smart idea to work and hire a photographer locally. If needed, it’s easy for me to return to a London location multiple times in hope of overcoming as many challenges as possible. And, sometimes I’ll realize I like one of the images from my first visit the most after multiple other attempts over time.

Scouting UWO Power Plant Building - London Ontario
Scouting shot of the UWO Power Plant building, London, Canada


This image of the UWO Power Plant has the potential of being one of those images I end up liking in the end. If the sun never comes out again, I will have something to share with the client too. If the sun does come out here, you’ll want to come back and check out a version that’s closer to what I see in my head.

I’ll create a more formal post about the benefits of scouting architectural photography projects in the future! In the case of this photo of the UWO Power Plant, I’m happy to know there is a steady flow of people walking through the frame to another UWO building. In shooting, I realized that my Manfrotto tripod ball-head didn’t allow my 17mm Tilt-Shift lens to fully shift. I’m now even happier I’ve got a new tripod head coming this upcoming week. Another benefit of scouting and shooting is that I home with images to challenge my post-processing muscles. I’ve learned a few new things this weekend and I was able to practice with this specific shot.

Gear used:

Sony A7ii camera, Metabones V adapter, Canon 17mm Tilt-Shift Lens

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