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Helping London & Southwestern Ontario architects, contractors, designers, and developers get noticed, revolutionize marketing, and increase long- and short-term business success.

Specialized Architecture Photographer

Scott Webb Photography is specialized in Architectural Photography to help architects, designers, developers, contractors, engineers and local business with presenting their in-progress or built projects to the world in the most attractive light, resulting in winning more proposals, winning more awards, getting more clients, and retaining and attracting top talent.

Since architecture is most experienced through photography, by collaborating, we’re helping more people experience our collective aspirations through it and attracting amazing people to London.

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Elevated Architectural Photography

There are many London Ontario photographers that are good or maybe someone at your office. As a photographer specialized in architecture photography, services are expensive. Why choose my help? 

You spend years involved in projects. Years of time, effort, and money. You don’t want to take the risk of using a generalized London Ontario photographer because they will not have the experience of running into the challenges presented with every built project. As a specialized London architectural photographer, buildings and spaces are all I shoot. I’ve worked with amazing clients to help them meet urgent deadlines for proposals to win more work and for different award submissions.

Through creative and modern architectural photography, I help you elevate the experience of your architecture projects and increase confidence in your brand. 

An investment in your

With professional architectural photography for your building projects, you’ll find yourself with the ability to use the images throughout your business for many years.

I help you architect a high-quality photo library of your projects and when you need a specific project photo, it will be at your fingertips. Imagine the savings in time and money your business experiences over years. That’s only one way you’d see a return on your investment.

Powerful First Impressions

The visual elements you use to represent you are more important than ever before. People believe the image over the copy. Use a professional architecture photographer to create photos of greater interest and intrigue. Create a powerful first impression online and offline.

Feel confident submitting proposals and awards. Leaving no stone unturned. 

Imagine judges intrigued by your submission for an award, diving deeper into the details, finding clarity, and putting you on the nominee short-list. Let’s get both your business and projects on those lists and have you recognized for your excellence.


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Cornerstone architecture inc.
nicholson sheffield architects inc.
architects tillmann ruth robinson
matter architectural studio inc.
Grassmere construction LTD
old oak properties
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  • Scott’s background in architecture and creative spirit contribute to photographs with a high attention to detail, variety of vantage points and moods (seasonal or time of day). He is also responsive, easy going and adaptable to your needs. We recently had a project nearing completion that we need finish photos of to include in a proposal. The landscaping was installed on the Friday and Scott was able to capture images on Saturday, post-process them to eliminate residual construction equipment/signage, and deliver the final images on Sunday. His response in this situation demonstrates his level of client service and contributed greatly to the quality of our proposal, helping us to promote our past work and win new projects.

    Ryan Ollson of Cornerstone Architecture Inc. London Ontario

    Ryan Ollson

    Cornerstone Architecture Inc.
  • Grassmere was recently awarded building of the year, in the institutional sector from our building supplier for this particular project. Scott’s photos were a crucial part of our submission.

    Grassmere Construction LTD logo

    Herman Sinke

    Grassmere Construction LTD.
  • I am very pleased with the quality and skill Scott had during this shoot. He is friendly, easy to work with and would definitely hire again! These photos will help with my website portfolio as well as social media posts, hopefully both gaining more traffic and interest.

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    Peridot Designs


Join me on my mission to use creative, modern London architectural photography for both a better business for you and presenting an attractive city of London to the world.

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