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Architectural Photo Spotted in the 2017 London Urban Design Awards Brief

Back in 2015, Cornerstone Architecture Inc. won a London Urban Design Award for their work on No.7 Fire Station. With those doors, we could all see the magical fire trucks (when not out on calls) we were fascinated with as children.

Architectural photo spotting in London Urban Design Awards Brief

In the current brief for this year’s awards, I spotted the use of one of my architectural photographs for the fire station. It was a great reminder of how much it means to help architectural firms put their best work forward and allow more people to experience the architecture. While these events are not dependent on photography, past clients of mine have indicated that my high-quality photography was still very important in winning the award. The latest to win an award was Grassmere Construction Ltd. for their work on Bethel Pentecostal Church

I couldn’t agree more.

Photography is how most architecture is experienced (with video growing fast). The attention I’ve put into my photography has been the highest it’s ever been. As I aim to help local architecture offices here in London and area, I’m also on a personal mission to showcase London’s growing architectural marvels. London is a city that adores its heritage buildings, but I have this intense desire to show and share the architecture that could very well be the heritage buildings of London’s tomorrow

Best of luck to those entering the 2017 London Urban Design Awards!

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