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First Step: Starting that Vlog Life

No more excuses. No more fear. It’s time to live that vlog life.

On Friday, I finally shared my first vlog. It was a tough process, but a worthwhile one. As I see architectural photography changing, it’s important for me to push myself forward to be able to help my clients move forward and receive greater value through my work.

Being comfortable with video content and visual content creation is required. Vlogging is the gateway and I see doors wide open.

As important as this vlog is to my own personal growth, it’s business value is 10x. I am in it for the long term. The long game requires reinvention and adaptation.

Most important, everything requires action. The vlog represents how I fundamentally believe video content creation and marketing is the future in providing enhanced audience experiences and telling stories.

There is a reason cameras provide functionality to create photos and video.

I need to walk the walk.

Framework for the vlog:

Inspired by John, I needed to establish a framework to keep myself focused:

  1. Upload a new video each business day. Holidays and weekends are bonus.
  2. Overall quality is not important. The most important aspect of the project is to be consistent and execute. Video editing and production quality can naturally improve.
  3. Share something of value to audience and be a source of positivity.

I’ll do my best to keep my focus on these terms. I admit there is a bit of worry about the 1st term, but the 2nd term is intended to help.

Come along & Subscribe

Please come along on this vlogging journey. Videos are going to be brutal for a potentially long time, but you could learn just as much as me through these public stumbles.

Any of your comments, likes, and subscribes will really help support me on this adventure. But, I do fully expect to be talking to an audience of none for a long time. If that changes, I’m all for it. I also plan to transparently share information regarding YouTube revenue, if I ever see any.

You can find my channel on YouTube:

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